Sharing Happiness Socially.

Today my brother’s wife Salma cooked delicious Kheer (a sweet dish made of milk & carrot). Although she cooked not much, but she presented some to a poor women who lives nearby with her 3 children. When she returned she stated as follow,

“Everyone happily gifts to those who are equally rich or more, but less privileged families are being neglected socially. So I wanted to give her from my cooking.”

This is really awesome, I’m feeling proud of her. We all must share our happiness with those who have less of it.

8 thoughts on “Sharing Happiness Socially.

  1. Good post. A friend of mine recently quoted, “what are we put on this earth for, if not to help our fellow man.” In our culture (and I suspect in many others too) the poor and less able are often treated as if they have done something wrong. They are treated as if they deserve it. We make excuses in that way to justify our neglect of them. We build defenses so we don’t have to look at them with compassion and question why some have so much and others have so little.

    Every act of kindness and compassion such as your sister in law’s breaks through these walls of denial and is a gift for the needy and for the giver.

    1. “We make excuses in that way to justify our neglect of them.”

      Wonderful comment Daniel, it completes the message.

  2. This is what we need from ourselves.Excellent thought is delivered and we just need to promote it.

  3. Honestly speaking we people have got self centered. which is very bad. There is an obvious need to change it.

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