On Building a Better Classroom and Business Website

At my college, I hated 90% of classes which I took. Thanks to silly, so called teachers, I went to library to feel better. 😉 My class with them looks like this.

Here is what was happening, no collaboration, no energy, no learning.

But here is one of three teachers I liked, Cheryl Burke, here is how my class with her looked like:

It was easy to communicate, everyone was on the same page, energetic collaboration, learning. Yes!

People comes to your class room, or to your business website because of their reasons. But it is your responsibility to facilitate them.

Provide them a platform where they can communicate not only with you, but with other members. You should be the one to host the discussion, serve them.

You will learn more about your students / customers when you’ll have a seat with them, online or offline.

Remember you don’t need  a website, rather you should have collaborative spaces. Go make such space. And if you need help with that, get in touch with me. 🙂

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