#24Lessons for those Who Care, Create & Who are Curious

Who the Hell are You Girl!

Yes five years ago I used to think like that, but as I wrote earlier too.

That although boys can look bigger and stronger there is nothing, a girls can’t do.

I did not changed my mind by watching movies, reading women rights essays etc. I witnessed it.

I did see my grandmother, who’s husband was brutally murdered after five years of her marriage, she grew her three children without any help from her in laws.

I witnessed my mother, who is the best champion I will ever know. Who raised me and my three brothers in very tough circumstances.

I am witnessing another champion, Ivana Sendecka, I have not met her yet. But she has inspired me to be a better person what I thought I would be. She encouraged me to start a blog, she was the first reader I got. She lives 1000s of miles away in Slovakia, far from my small town in Pakistan.

In her past two years, she has been doing what is not common. She left her posh job in Dubai, she believed she will change people in her country. She did it everywhere through her blog Inspiring Shipments.

Now after two years, she compiled 24 lessons, which life has taught to her in 24 months. In her book, 24 Lessons, she has a lot to teach us all from her experiences.

Let’s learn, relearn from 24 Lessons.

Here we go!


You may also read it directly on SlideShare, feel free to share it with people who matters to you. And please please share this book with all other females out there.

Note: If you want to get a free pdf of this book, tell me in comments. Ivana will be happy to send it to you.

Enjoy Learning!


  1. Without friends like you, I would never make it. Thank you Waqas, you too are my great inspiration!

  2. sebastian says:


    Taking notes.

    Thanks for sharing this Waqas

  3. It’s my first time visit this blog, and when i read this post, you give me something for me.

    1. Waqas Ali says:

      I’m so glad you visited me, and even better to know you find it meaningful. Thank you Kukuh!

      1. Your Welcome Mr

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