7 Things I Learned By Listing My Fears

A week back I wrote my fears and emailed them to 4 of my friends. Actually we had this activity where everyone in team wrote his fears (personal + business) and shared with the whole group. I wrote few things like: I’m afraid of:

  • of what I say. I feel bad, really bad when I don’t fulfil my words
  • of being left alone
  • being lived in very backward part of the world (but I love it)
  • of my past, which has nothing not do with future
  • getting insulted in public, for any mistakes which I made some three years back
  • having no money
  • my bad English.
  • etc etc.
  • publishing this post (it just came into my mind.)

Here is what I learned from this valuable and (what seemed very difficult at first, but) easy exercise.
1. Some of the fears we have are real, but at the same time the solution is so just on the opposite side of the fear. But we get frightened and do not look at fears for solutions.
2. If you have fear of something, it means you can 100% counter that fear. You posses all the tools, power and whatsoever, fear doesn’t exist without solution.
For example, I’m afraid of not having money, but at the same times. I have abilities to address this. And why I am not afraid of losing the US President election, because I am not interested. That fear is around Obama and other people who’re affiliated with Presidency.
Or you can add other example: Fear of Publishing this post once it is completed. I’m only having this fear now, today, never before. Because this is first time I’m going to write my fears and tell you about them.

3. The point is, you’re afraid when you’re THINKING to make something. Fear is good. It means you are thinking to make. But only thinking doesn’t make anything, so you need to act. And when you act, you eliminate the fear of getting started. And now you are game.
4. What seems you as your weakness, others see that as your strength. (Taught by Peter)
5. Share your fears with true friends, and they can surely help you in some means to get rid of those fears.
6. Everything what we listed as fear, is not fear anymore. It is just that old ego screaming, taking it last chances to protect status quo.  (Taught be Ivana)
7. Folks at some big corporate world, list their fears and hopes about the new product or task and share with each member. This help them make the best of their abilities and at the same time, it clears minds.
8. Bonus After doing this exercise I look into my fears with a positive approach, rather than making myself sad about being poor or what ever hell. I have not yet listed my Hopes anywhere. But I shall look into making this possible too.
Discussion Points:

What you think of writing your fears, and sharing them with some friends? Have you ever done so? Do you think people should do it at companies or in start-up world? Do you believe it can help you make better use of your brain rather then pumping it with fears. I look forward to your words.

Important and more: If you have never written you fears. Even after reading this post. You’ll just get 17% of what it means to write down fears. To get the rest of 83% you need to do it yourself. Go do it.
Thank you to very good friends Peter, Stiivi and Ivana. Without them I would never know why fears exist. And what the hell it has to do with us. I hope you’ll have this fear of writing your fears. Good Luck!

Also learn:
– Being the first one to cross river
– Getting up in easy way
– Be present even if you are not prepared


  1. Mohit Pawar says:

    Hey Waqas, reached here through Ivana’s FB update.

    Congrats. You have made a start by accepting that something exists.

    Takes courage. Hope that it stays with you and you find ways to conquer all your fears.

    Hope you online new venture (shoes) is shaping up well.

    Love and wishes from India.

    1. Waqas Ali says:

      Hi Mohit, welcome here.

      Yes, I strongly suggest you and everyone to do this exercise. And thank you so much for the best wishes for our venture.

      I love new comments and especially from India.

      Love back.

      1. Mohit Pawar says:

        Thanks Waqas. Wish your days are bright and nights peaceful. Shine every day 🙂

        1. Waqas Ali says:

          Thank you Mohit

  2. VigneshKrish says:

    Nice article. Most of them have the fears and I guess its pretty normal to have fears like the once you listed down. Maybe it will work for me when I’m inundated and don’t have any other things to think about except my losses and fears. Cheers!!

    1. Waqas Ali says:

      Vignesh it is true that most of our fears or common.

      From the basic fears of hunger and death to getting fired etc etc. Please list your fears, share them with your friends and let the magic happen. Cheers.

  3. Shazaf Fatima says:

    A very good early-morning read!

    1. Waqas Ali says:

      A very good early morning comment! Thanks.

  4. Razia Ismail says:

    Good job son, I am proud of you.

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