9/11 A Decade After: Words of a Very Common Pakistani

I was in grade 7, studying at a local government school of my home town, at that time we had no furniture in classes and used to sit on floor of the room.

What I knew about America is that it is a big and powerful country, like another out one. And then that whole day, pictures of twin tower, Bush and American people were shown on the only national television, the only TV channel we had that time.

It was just start for common Pakistani, in past 10 years America is the one of the most common topics, people discuss here at every scale. Even on streets wall are written Go! America Go!

A lot has been changed since that time. 9/11 reviled the power and influence of extremists in Pakistan. They’re everywhere, training children to become suicide bombers, governing Pakistan, run newspapers.

I feel sorry about the victims of 9/11, but you can never understands how many common Pakistanis are being killed because of this.

It is simple, US wanted to win cold-war against Russia, they send weapons in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia (also considered very hold place for Muslims) provided the money. But the most dangerous weapon the used against Russia, was Islam. We used religion to motivate young men, to volunteer for the war. I know many mothers, who lost their sons in that war.

Pakistanis are now far away from Peace, and we are getting far this with every day, especially inner peace. People are scared, then they go to news, to get another fear. It is routine now.

Just five years ago, I wanted to be a soldier to fight against India, because it was taught in schools and society. But thankfully, I tried to re-learn about myself, about my ideology and they reason behind my existence.

One of the best things happened to me was to get admission at Forman Christian College University, Lahore. It is a missionary organization, by Presbyterian church US. I met with some american people first time in 2007, I did see the common American. A very brighter side of the people of US. There was a teacher, Jeanette Coufal, she was very thoughtful, and good human. People like her motivated me to be more than me.

It encouraged me to start Indo-Pak Peace Media, I really don’t know if it is doing much good. But somehow we are trying to bring people closer. We are trying to teach people that religion is someone’s very personal belief, and it shouldn’t be misused at all.

Of course innocents American paid the price, for what, US government did in cold war. Life of common Afghan, is far from the life.

And yes, here in Pakistan, we are paying, for what, General Zia did in Pakistan. Extremism is very long rooted in Pakistan because of their hidden agenda. And what spoil people more is the way media is driving them and how we, especially youth is following them blindly.

They are trying to bury truth deeper and deeper, but I also see the light. I am the light, I am the one of the first ray of this new light, new beginning. You are the light, if you’re someone open to re-learn and un-learn.

At the same time, I am not proud of everything I did in my life. I have made some of the most terrible mistakes you can imagine. But I believe it is never too late to get back to humanity. US should follow the same.

Peace for America, Peace for World, and most importantly Peace for You!

PS. I haven’t been very well (mentally) so could not write. But things are much better now. Will post regularly now.


  1. Shujah says:

    U said:
    “religion is someone’s very personal belief, and it shouldn’t be misused at all.”
    in this way u r denying the 2 Nations-Theory on the basis of which Pakistan came into existance. Muslims and Hindus are totally different people.

    1. Waqas Ali says:

      Yes Shujah, religions especially Hindu & Islam been widely used to achieve personal or group’s interests in sub-continent.

      When Hindus were using religion to control sub-continent, Muslims were using religion to make a country for them. Quaid was a secular leader, who wanted a state for the Muslims of sub-continent i.e Muslims, parsi, Christians and others.

      But what has been done, few groups are using religion to control Pakistan. Which should not be allowed, in other words state should deal everyone equally no matter how different are their religious or other believes.

      1. Waqas Ali says:

        You should also see these videos, and the letter of Iqbal here.

  2. M Awais says:

    Precise and Impressive. I am with you at most points.

    You just take out religion, which is not fair. I ask you a question, why don’t you go to a Temple or a Church? Because you are a Muslim and Islam has taught us something, which we all Muslims are supposed to follow.

    Never forget that Islam does not teaches Terrorism or Extremism. I think it is a Peace Loving Religion. There are misconceptions in people’s heads which I think are because of ignorance.

    We want Peace with India and solution of all disputes including the long standing dispute of Kashmir, but we will not put at stake our Identity, Civilization, Traditions. We will be recognized being a Pakistani. Perhaps you might be noticing that in last few years, India has produced Movies which showed that Muslims from Pakistan are trying to create disruptions in India and they actually are big hurdle in Hindu/Muslim Peace. This is not true. If yes to some extent, in return, we are paying a lot. A movie “My Name id Khan” which showed the reality, was not appreciated in India. This shows that how mostly Indians perceive and what are their intentions.

    Just keep in mind that we are Pakistanis and that is what our Indentity is. We ought never to forget it.

  3. M Awais says:

    As far as Americans are concerned, they are nice people, but their Government and other Agencies want to Govern on this world, which is not acceptable at all.

  4. The Mindset says:

    tut tut tut tut tut tut

    what about this

    Muslims want to convert Britain into a Islamic state, sure why not
    our own countries are hellholes so let’s make the same for others also.
    Why others should leave in peace when Muslims are not?
    yeah great !!!

  5. Hello M Awais;

    I think you are really generalizing this which is not the case:

    India has produced Movies which showed that Muslims from Pakistan are trying to create disruptions in India and they actually are big hurdle in Hindu/Muslim Peace.

    Dude, India as a country didn’t produce the movies; It’s all the big directors who want to make money on these catchy issues as that will pull the crowd. We have so many singers who cam from Pakistan and did major song numbers here. That doesn’t mean we are not going for the movie; because the singer is a Pakistani….No way.

    That’s where you are missing brother.

    I am human and my religion is humanity.
    Then comes may be hindu/muslim …and so on.

    But it’s very hard for a Muslim to accept that you are a human & then comes your religion. Now pardon me if that sounded rude but that’s what my experience tells me as I had plenty of muslim friends here…

    We have to work hand on hand to rebuild this continent … Otherwise everyone will suuffer atleast in India & Pakistan

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