Are You Inspired by the Global Village?

It was 2001, and I was in grade 7 when I learned about the term Global Village. A guy opened first Internet cafe in my hometown Basirpur, the cafe name was ‘Global Village Internet Cafe.’ I liked the combination of global and village. But I really didn’t know what this term and internet is about.

I learned it an interesting way, it was 2007, third semester at my college, when I took a course ‘Christian Ethics.’ My intend was to communicate better with my Christian friends. The teacher named ‘Bob Wetmore’ (who was an American, visiting faculty member) created a course website using Google Sites.

Same days, I was an active member of my college’s environmental club, so I decided to create a basic website for the club using Google Sites. But I had no idea how to do this. 😉

We needed the website to collect data from volunteers and members of the club, so a contact form was required. That was the first time, when I wrote an email to a stranger. The guy named, Brian, had a wonderful Google Sites and also knew all the feature. I told him about our problem, he helped. We exchanged 5-6 emails and problem was sorted.

Brian is now my friend on Facebook, he lives in US. Also he was the first person who introduced me with the power of internet and how it can be used for good. This small and now pretty normal incident changed my perception about technology and how it can help us serve other people in any mean.

Today someone I really admire wrote me, “Waqas, I just discovered this today. You are a star! Carry on.”

It is now revealed to me, focusing on work and staying positive with yourself and others can turn you into a star. No matter how small are you, you can enlighten this world when it is needed.

This is why I founded Indo-Pak Peace Media(a community to bring peace between India and Pakistan), and started connecting with new people around the Global Village. Now I’m also working on to bring Pakistan online, through an upcoming tech-blog, where I aim to help people use Internet for good.

Sometimes I use this blog just to communicate with you people on what I’m up to. This post is the example.

I googled Villages Pakistan, here are some of the beautiful photos for you.

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  1. Sharmeen says:

    You took a course on Christian Ethics, this the best part when a human learn something to communicate with other human. we no longer remember the meaning of true learning, learning that enlighten our hearts. Thanks for sharing.

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