Be Genuine to Create WOW

A month back I got a t-shirt from blekko (a new search engine). They announced to distribute free t-shirts to their fans around the world. Here is how did they made me WOW by being genuine.

I asked them on Twitter, if you guys are still giving free t-shirts and what about sending one to me in Pakistan. They did not tweeted me back, but took even a step further than replying there. I got an email from their employee with subject T-Shirt? T-Shirt! and asked me to send the postal address and size to get free t-shirt.

Actually what really fantastic is that, they did see my tweet, reached to my blog, then contact page and got my email address and finally send me the email. I was surprised and you know the email subject was so interesting and that explained all. I sent them the info and they have sent me t-shirt. Thank you blekko.

Before this, I didn’t know that you can actually make WOW others by just writing a long detailed micro but genuine email. So be genuine to create WOW. It is not as that difficult, just Be Human!


  1. Osman Safdar says:

    a WOW blog post!

    1. Waqas Ali says:

      aha! Thank you Osman.

  2. Wonderful Waqas!
    Yes, very often less is more and little things make huge difference!
    Keep on shipping;-)

    1. Waqas Ali says:

      Yes Ivana, less is more if done genuinely.

  3. Danial Shah says:

    loved the “WOW” factor:) thats what customer service is all about 🙂

    1. Waqas says:

      I love your genuine work Danial, thank you for the comment. 😉

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