Be Present Even If You are not Prepared

Salam friends,

Today I’m travelling to my hometown and I’m in the bus. I’m going to see my Parents and for a business.

Truth to be told, I do not know what to write today. But I really don’t want to be disappeared from the scene. I used to disappeared a lot two years back, firstly by chance or because of any reason. But later I couldn’t make up. I disappeared again and again.

And honestly,I am working to change myself. So today’s message is, “don’t be absent from class, even if you’re not prepared to teach well a day.”

This is because your students want to see you in the class and learning doesn’t always depend on proper preparation. Just go to your workplace or whatever you call it and have fun. This is actually I am doing right now, I knew I needed to be here for my friends who visit.

So try not to be absent just because you’re not prepared well, and if you are absent for a day, don’t add a second one. Reinforce yourself and be in the spot light, great things will happen automatically by you. And remember it is easy to change anything or any situation once if you change yourself. All the best to you, go and start making the change. Also tell me what you think of today’s post.

All thanks!


  1. ahan, it is a good one. Something is better than nothing, right?

    1. Waqas Ali says:

      Yes Rizwan, and who knows that something is better than many things. Thank you for the read.

  2. Mairaj says:

    Thats right, your today’s presence will make you be prepared for next day.
    Nice sharing, thanks.

    1. Waqas Ali says:

      Hey Mairaj, thank you for dropping by. 😉

  3. Daniel Evans says:

    and if you are absent for a day, don’t add a second one.

    I really like that Waqas. Words that will stick with me and good ones to live by.

    1. Waqas Ali says:

      Yes Daniel, many times we add second day intentionally. Which mess it all.

  4. “learning doesn’t always depend on proper preparation”

    you`re so right here, waqas! I used to be a teacher and this worked pretty well – there simply are days, we need to slow down. days, that our brains are actually switched off. what we need to learn is to accept the fact, that being perfect is not possible & having a day off can be more productive than you can imagine in the morning:)

    1. Waqas says:

      Thank you Zuzaka! I just wrote it with no preparation and it worked. 😉

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