Being the First One to Cross the River

I recall being in early teens, throwing food for crows. It starts with a crow, who sees it first and then it calls others, and then the whole group waits till the most hungry one jump on the food. In next moments you see every one is on the food.

The same nature I have noticed in other species, as if I’m not on my computer, I’m most probably on National Georaphic or any other wild life TV. I want to state, I have observed it quite often.

Now on the human side, it is the same. We see in every field, no matter if it is fashion industry, book publishing, or communication or any other, we are in wait of the next new. We’re bored with the current one and eagerly waiting new one to come in so we shall join it too (like everyone else).

It is in our nature to avoid being the first one to do something, both good and bad. So it is okay not to be the first one in family who blogs regularly, it is okay not to be the first one to deliver a great business experience in your industry. It is okay not to be the first leader in your community. It is okay not to be the first one to do something meaningful. Because we are not that great and it is the duty of great people to do this and that.

Often we wait until we are too hungry, or in other words get pushed by circumstances to take actions. I also see many people give the reason of less prepared to start something. But we have discussed earlier, and found it clearly that, we are seeking for leaders, not perfect.

Here is video, which conveys the same message. It might help you to better understand what I want to say. It all might help you to be the first one to do… to do that… Yes you know what you need to do.

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  1. Marek Lutz says:

    Lovely post Waqas, I specially like “we are seeking for leaders, not perfect” sentence… and the video is just amazing…

    1. Waqas Ali says:

      Thank you for stopping by Marek, yes the video is amazing and this was how I wanted to show it to you all.

      May be you should also read the short post on We Are Seeking for Leaders, Not Ideals 🙂

  2. atbilal says:


    1. Waqas Ali says:

      Thanks dost. 🙂

  3. Well said, Waqas, well said! More importantly you are doing what you are talking about!;-)
    P.S.: I can feel your energy and muse coming back -> you see it is great to be home;-)

    1. Waqas Ali says:

      Yes Ivana, staying home is getting me high. 😉 Thanks for being the first one to do all.

  4. Kallem Ullah says:

    great work waqas.
    well done.

    1. Waqas Ali says:

      I’m glad you like it. Thank you bhi. 😉

  5. Kamil Ali says:

    There many global corporation who made major mistakes by not being first!
    Most of the time they were 2nd or found acquiring first brand in the category.

    Big guys are afraid of this phenomena too. I think, they actually forget, what make them successful at the first place

    Being first is the best thing to do not in the marketplace, but n the mind of consumer.

  6. Nice Waqas really nice…… and here are you, ‘the first on’ inspiring and motivating the peoples. As usual your opinion did a great deal to me.

  7. Buttons says:

    Loved the video… and a little child shall lead us… they have no fear borne from experience.
    Because of criticism or failure in the past, it makes us reluctant to be first. Also, it’s human nature to make sure the first guy survives before you take a bite.

    In business, just because someone had tried it before doesn’t mean it’s too late. The person coming in after the first (failed) attempt can learn from those mistakes, try a different approach, and be wildly successful. Even if you’re not first, you can be better!

  8. Waqas, I love the post & to be honest, the video made me cry. Thanks for reminding us that even the smallest action can bring big change;)

    I believe it is often fear which stops us from being the first one. The fear of being looked at. That`s why we should be more like children, who at a young age, do not care what you think about them, they just go & do stuff;)

    It might be dangerous, but there`s no adventure without danger;)))

  9. Hi Waqas,

    IT’s really a nice video.i seen it by advertisment on a channel.its really a energetic and nice’s only today i m reading ur profile and post and all.u post very nice articles.and i m feeling very confident.thanks bhai..even i m also trying to write

    so pls suggest me a way of writing as i m very new to this pls once visit my blog..once again thanks…

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