Escape or Make is my first book, which is under progress. Purpose of the book is to inspire people especially the young people like you who have settled for very less. Objection at calling you young? I believe you got more lot to make yourself and this world a better place.


Formal Introduction

It will be a short book, based on the life experiences of a young Pakistani Waqas Ali, and some others inspiring individuals.

Just two years ago Waqas was a suicidal intent boy. All the way from a hopelessly depressed and unhealthy boy, he has started a new blog and new life.

In a very short period of time Waqas encountered failures, sorrow, happiness and almost death. Finally he made it and is a stronger, satisfied and happy person.
In this book Waqas shares how his personal reaction toward life changed and how it changed everything for him. The book also covers some inspiring stories of his friends, to better understand what’re most important action points which we usually miss.

This book will help you how to make and act on better and bold decisions for a successful personal and professionally life, especially when it seems really very tough or impossible.

Share your story in Escape or Make

Did you ever encountered a time in life when you were faced with Escape or Make situation? What did you choose? No matter if you were Escaped or you Made, I would like to listen and hopefully feature in my book if it’ll help readers in the mean.

If you are interested to share your personal, business or any story which you believe can inspire many people. Please reach me at waqas708 at I’ll be happy to have you on board. Thank you!

7 thoughts on “BOOK

  1. Wakas, this book will hit the floor. I know many things about your life, moments and incidents are worth sharing to get inspired. I am the example who watched you very closely and inspired by you. Many are waiting for the same and your book will work for them. Assured!

  2. Best of success… “luck” comes to those who work the hardest so I know you will have good luck with this.

    Thank You for being such a good inspiration!

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