What to Do Today, This Week, Month, Year, and Life

What I am going to do. This is the most important decision we make, because deciding once, what we are going to do, shapes everything.

Let’s say you’re going out with family today. It will shape, who you are going to meet with, what you’re going to eat, how much travel you’ll have to do etc etc.

It was 2003, I remember that day. When I happily asked one of my class mate, if his mother is teacher too (my mother is an elementary school teacher for 27 years). He replied, “No, not at all. We don’t allow women to do such (dirty) jobs.”

And I did never talk to him again. 30 years ago, my mother made a choice, at that time there is was only single school for girls in our town and it was an elementary. She waited for an year, to study further, and then eventually with a lot of hard work she became a teacher. And it changed her life.

She was married, and then things went wrong. My father used to live for months far from us, and that time my mother was alone to feed us, our school fees and every little and big things. I believe if she would not be a teacher, then I would be a motor mechanic or something like that instead of a blogger and digital media learner.

Our goals and tasks make all other decision of our life. It is very simple, e.g, am I going to open Facebook in my browser or read a story, or am I going to write a new post. It decides everything.

For example (please make it real —>), if you decide to take care of your family. You’ll have to make decision like these, not to smoke any more, go for a walk. In short you’ll try your best to give a better person to your family.

Writing this blog has helped me a better human. When I decide to write a post, I do. I look into myself how ‘something which I’m going to write/preach’ relates to me. And it helps me change my actions.

Steve was very right, he emphasized on finding exactly what to do. And it worked well for him. Right now, like most of us, your mind is filled with thousand of ‘to do things‘ don’t bother. Just find on what you are going to do, find it, find it.

Because when you’ll decide what you are going to do. It is gonna change everything for you. And it is gonna change you into a better and happier and of course a healthier person.

Do you have any ‘what to do‘ story to share, or/and please share your leading thoughts in the comments below.

Two years back, I watched a documentry on Nation Geographic, Jailed Abroad, a 30 year old black guy was just released from the jail after 5 years in prison. He commented, ‘I have decided to become a better person for my 6 years old daughter and my wife. I think it is never too late.

He was right. It is never too late. Thank you.

PS. I am working on several things including my book (I have no idea how will the book go), this is why blog is lacking new post. Rest is all fine with me, how’re you?

Thank You for Being Steve Jobs

Many heroes will come and pass. Nature is always supporting those people ‘who wants to make wow’ in its own way.

Genuinely, I have no words to pay my tribute to one of the greatest heroes of all time, Steve Jobs.

Truly, this is for very special reasons. A guy from Pakistan who have never used any of Apple’s product wets his eyes. You’ll be greatly missed as a leader and as a remarkable human.

Thank you for showing us, what a human can be.

From a very unknown fan to the popular Hero: Rest In PEACE.

Speaking Truth to Tell a Lie and The Other Way Around

Sometimes we speak lie to state truth. (Artists face it quite often)


Sometimes we speak truth to tell a lie. (Happens with people not often, but as written sometimes)

It is 4:34 am in Pakistan right now, and I did spend whole night before computer and reading a book.

Now if I tell someone intentionally that I didn’t sleep last night, he will perceive Waqas is very hard working. Which is not always true.

Yes sometimes we speak truth to tell a lie.

and the other way around.

What do you say?

Image from here and here.

9/11 A Decade After: Words of a Very Common Pakistani

I was in grade 7, studying at a local government school of my home town, at that time we had no furniture in classes and used to sit on floor of the room.

What I knew about America is that it is a big and powerful country, like another out one. And then that whole day, pictures of twin tower, Bush and American people were shown on the only national television, the only TV channel we had that time.

It was just start for common Pakistani, in past 10 years America is the one of the most common topics, people discuss here at every scale. Even on streets wall are written Go! America Go!

A lot has been changed since that time. 9/11 reviled the power and influence of extremists in Pakistan. They’re everywhere, training children to become suicide bombers, governing Pakistan, run newspapers.

I feel sorry about the victims of 9/11, but you can never understands how many common Pakistanis are being killed because of this.

It is simple, US wanted to win cold-war against Russia, they send weapons in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia (also considered very hold place for Muslims) provided the money. But the most dangerous weapon the used against Russia, was Islam. We used religion to motivate young men, to volunteer for the war. I know many mothers, who lost their sons in that war.

Pakistanis are now far away from Peace, and we are getting far this with every day, especially inner peace. People are scared, then they go to news, to get another fear. It is routine now.

Just five years ago, I wanted to be a soldier to fight against India, because it was taught in schools and society. But thankfully, I tried to re-learn about myself, about my ideology and they reason behind my existence.

One of the best things happened to me was to get admission at Forman Christian College University, Lahore. It is a missionary organization, by Presbyterian church US. I met with some american people first time in 2007, I did see the common American. A very brighter side of the people of US. There was a teacher, Jeanette Coufal, she was very thoughtful, and good human. People like her motivated me to be more than me.

It encouraged me to start Indo-Pak Peace Media, I really don’t know if it is doing much good. But somehow we are trying to bring people closer. We are trying to teach people that religion is someone’s very personal belief, and it shouldn’t be misused at all.

Of course innocents American paid the price, for what, US government did in cold war. Life of common Afghan, is far from the life.

And yes, here in Pakistan, we are paying, for what, General Zia did in Pakistan. Extremism is very long rooted in Pakistan because of their hidden agenda. And what spoil people more is the way media is driving them and how we, especially youth is following them blindly.

They are trying to bury truth deeper and deeper, but I also see the light. I am the light, I am the one of the first ray of this new light, new beginning. You are the light, if you’re someone open to re-learn and un-learn.

At the same time, I am not proud of everything I did in my life. I have made some of the most terrible mistakes you can imagine. But I believe it is never too late to get back to humanity. US should follow the same.

Peace for America, Peace for World, and most importantly Peace for You!

PS. I haven’t been very well (mentally) so could not write. But things are much better now. Will post regularly now.

Today’s Learning — Behind the World of Online

Behind the world of online, real people exist with real problems.

Yesterday, one of my online friends, who promised to be offline friend too. He passed away, he took his life. No words over this loss.

This is his last tweet


This is the world we all are creating.

Read more about Trey Pennington

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I am 3.5 Year Old, and I Have Questions

Children are born artists. Here is why, they inquire. An artist is someone who’s mind is curious enough to take action to find out the answers.


Like what will happen if I try to draw that picture, how will it feel if I shall sing these beautiful words. Etc Etc.

Yesterday was Eid, so I had some guests at home. One of them was my cousin with her two little kids. This story is about Zain, a 3.5 years old boy and his conversation with me.

I was at my computer starting with daily reading.

Here are some of his questions and the pictures which made him inquire. I also tried to answer them as well.

1-Why only his eyes are showing up? Where is his rest of face?

Ans. Look, in this picture, he’s only showing up his head and eyes to make it interesting. He wants people to take notice of this picture. Got it?

2- Alright, what is that pink thing on your table?

This is a machine, a small one. I use it with my computer.

Multi-Card Reader

Well, it is used to transfer different things from one computer to another computer or mobile phone.

4-Okay, show me some stuff which we can insert in it.

Yup, here is it, we can shift any cartoon video or picture of yours to our mobile. Right.

5-Why are you typing on computer?

(He noticed that after his questions I was saving them in drafts.) Ah, I am saving our conversation in my computer. Is it fair?

6-How he come up with clothes and full face?

(I wanted to show Zain, the full picture of Seth Godin, so I went on Seth’s Facebook Page. Zain took good notice of this too and asked the above questions.)

Zain, this is another picture of the guy, here he is with his clothes and full head.

That was enough of my feeds, then I stumbled on some cartoon pictures to check his reaction.

7-Why he is going to fire someone?

I think he is just playing with his little toy, it is kind of the same gun as you used to have few days back. But it looks more like a real one. Isn’t it?

8-Why you are writing things which I am telling you?

Actually, I want to share our conversation with my friends. And I hope they like it.

9-Why these cars are not running?

These are the pictures of cars. In pictures, we can not see things moving. Here are the moving cars. (then I played the following video)

10-Why are they hitting everything?

This is because they are driving in rushy areas. Where many other vehicles and stuff is moving.

11-Where do the people go when the car gets broken?

Most of the time, they get out of them and get back to their home. Or if anyone gets hurt then hospital.

12-Does it show the aeroplane as well?

Yes it does.

Later I spent some more time with him. Entertained him with more videos and cool stuff.

So What Is The Point?

This is something not surprising at all. As human, we are born to discover and create remarkable stuff.

But here is why I am worried about Zain or any other little kid. They will eventually be stopped to ask questions, which do not make sense to elders including and especially teachers.

They will be forced to do the work in others’ way instead of with their knowldge and learning. They will be forced to not to inquire, they will be forced to shut the mouth when someone is doing stuff.

But at the same time, I often interact with parents and encourage them to let their child live their life. Let them learn in their way, which shouldn’t necessarily make sense to elders. Here is an incredible TED Talk by Sir Kin Robinson on Do school kill creativity?

What do you think? I am sure when you were a little kid, you were curios same as Zain. Did you lost that curiosity? Have you ever had similar experience with you? Please share your thoughts in comments below.

(At the end of our conversation, Zain said “when I’ll get older, Ill buy a computer too.” I shall talk to his parents and ask them to buy one for him now.)

Some Thoughts on Average Stuff and Typical Days

We talk about the best days of our life, we also keep the memories of bad days closer to us.

We praise the best people around, we also remember those who hurt us.

We either talk about things when they go wrong or when they go awesome.

We talk about how valuable that device or diary is to us, and we complain about stuff which we do not like.

We talk about the best shot of ours, the best photos which helped us win the title. We dislikes some pictures and immediately delete them.

This is very interesting behaviour of us, we talk about things when we love them or when we hate them.

But we hardly talk about average days of our life. We hardly praise average connections of our. We hardly pay attention to those people who’re so-so but have mixed well in our life.

The shopkeeper who always understands the quality you are looking for. The pillow which is with you every night, there to give comfort to you.

Those middle-ranking pictures, which were not remarkable, but which helped you keep capturing the more.

The business deal, without profit or loss.

An average friend, who might not be that great to give a remark, but who always greet you with a Friendly Hello. Who tells you about the homework the day you are absent in class.

Most importantly, we hardly remember those typical days of our life. They days which help us heal, let us get back to normal life. The days which make us ready for an outstanding one.

These average relations, moments and so-so stuff of our life, are very special in a way. They keep us calm and help us carry on.

Just take a deeper look into your neither very good nor very bad days, or an average meal, you will realise they aren’t average.

What do you think?