Be A Part Of The Team Who Is Up To Reinvent Books Publishing & PR.

Back in December Seth Godin launched a new publishing venture called The Domino Project, Amazon team is also working with Seth in this project.

Seth says he launched this venture to reinvent the way books are created, purchased, read and bringing great authors closer to their perspective readers. People like Seth know that it is easy to create WOW with the help of tribe of right and passionate fans.

So they are looking for a Street Team for Domino project from all over the world, to help them in. See the original call here. Around 50 people will be selected and they’ll work for 6 months or may be more.

You know I’m thrilled about the Domino Project since it started. This is because my business at SMart is also about innovation and connecting right audience to our clients. So I’ve applied to be a part of this wonderful experiment.

Secondly I also feel that some of you have what it takes, so if you are also interested. Please do apply or share it with one who might be interested, at least one of us must make it, so that everyone else can learn too.

Read the official post from Domino Project team here to know more about the program and application procedure. Hurry, Jan 28 at Noon ET is the deadline for submission. All the best to us!

Have value for your prospects.

14 years back when I was student of class 4, I loved stickers. At that time, sticker was one of the most hot topics among children of my age. We used to buy different types of bubble gums and candies, which had beautiful stickers in them.

Then there came a bubble gum, named MayFair by CandyLand, Pakistan. And within few weeks that was the most popular item to buy for children, especially who loved stickers. How did MayFair do that in very short period?

Some stickers by stickers lover Tommy & Enokson

I think their market research team did great thing, they found out what children actually want and infact what more can be done to entertain them.

They did not just create a new bubble gum, but they made it very delicious and they had huge collections of stickers with them. One sticker in one candy, but they were not much repeated. So every child was in the race of to have most colorful collection of the stickers. And important thing was their candy was delicious than all most all others competitors.

So don’t find customers for your product, instead make a great product for your customers. Add value in it and customers will love it.

So if you are a blogger then write something valuable for your readers, if you are teacher, go for something students will love to learn. It will be benefitual to your prospects and yes very much to you as well.

Do you have any story like this to share? How do you value your prospects / friends? Share here..

Photo by Tommy & Enokson