Cheap Global Shipping

Do you think FedEx or DHL are utilizing the most advance + cost effective technology to run their operations? I doubt.

I’m building a startup in Pakistan, and we sell / ship shoes around the globe. From here, DHL, UPS and FedEx charges $50-$70 to ship a pair of shoes in US / UK. So we depend on a small local company which buys bulk space from big logistics companies and sell to businesses like mine at a cheaper rate.

From my tiny personal experience of working with logistics companies, I realize one thing. Like many other industries out there, logistics companies are far behind in using the innovative technology. They must do it for efficiency, to save money and time. If they do so, it is treat for us and for them too.

Technology has enabled us to communicate from any corner of the earth and beyond. And we are doing it. I* You can make payment anywhere in the world, and buy or sell too. But shipping, it is still expensive, risky and not fun. It badly needs to be changed at earliest.

And I believe a company like Google will do it, or may be Amazon, or Yours (why not?!).

To firm my belief, I read this today on Think Quarterly. See line 5 of paragraph 6 here.


  1. Ali R. Khan says:

    Hello Waqas

    Your Idea to Compete and provide cheaper shipping service is really strong. Shipping should be cheap from Pakistan as It is all over the world.

    I’m with you in this project. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help you.
    Best Regards
    Ali R. Khan

  2. Steve Smith says:

    It’s about time something was done to shake up the shipping world. We need to see a more cost effective, less time consuming and less bureaucratic system.

  3. Yeah, the problem of shipping atoms :/

    We need to get that better, yes.

    Hey, I didn’t knew about Think Quarterly what is it? a magazine from google?

    1. Waqas Ali says:

      Think Quarterly is among the most valuable, and thoughtful content out there. It is an online magazine and beyond (one can download pdf file too).

      Google is beyond this project, under the bigger name ThinkWithGoogle, which has two more parts in addition to TQ. Think Insights (data) & a Creative Library. A must explored resource, this is why I added it to my blogroll too.

      1. I’ll know what’s important from it through your posts 😉

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