Deliver Celebration, Deliver Happiness

Yesterday one of our our blog members Sya commented and raised an important concern about taking action each time. Her comments are as below:

” but sometimes, it’s a little scary to take the first step dont you think? because as adults, we’ve learnt to have inhibitions, we know what it feels to fall. nonetheless, i agree that we all still have that 1 yr old in us! :) i enjoy reading your blog! keep it up! “

She is right that many times we do not taking action(s) with full swing because once we got failed. Let’s jump deeper in it.

Celebration means here to observer or commemorate your action(s). The best way to get out of your outcomes is to celebrate them.

Celebrating Success

Many of us get our projects done in the way we wanted and then start working back in routine. Which is I believe wrong attitude towards yourself.

To get most out of your success, celebrating is must. It helps us in number of ways, 1-Share your success with those who appreciate your efforts. Appreciation of friend is very powerful asset and it helps you dream big and taking action for it.

2-Get a break, taking a break after completing your project helps us to focus on our personal needs. Which is again very important, a happier person is a better person.

3-Make a list, if you write a diary, write a note about your achievements and the hurdles and how did you overcome on them.

Celebrating Mistakes

Celebrating mistakes in one of the best thing I learned in 2010. In fact it is the way to get most out of your mistakes / failures. Habit of celebrating the mistakes make you feel free to experiments, try something new.

Celebrate mistake means blaming no one. Reaction to mistakes plays an important role in keep you going. In early years of our life we get only encouragements and the comments like, “Do it in this way and it will be done. ” By the time we get in our mid 20s nobody tells how to actually reinforce yourself, so rather than blaming the circumstances or weather, go and re-Do it in a new way with better preparation.

Remember if everything succeeds it means you are not taking enough risks and not trying to create something new.

I end this post to you with following two phrases.

Celebrate your Successes no matter how small.

Celebrate your Mistakes no matter how Big.

Image source: Unfolding Creativity


  1. Balal says:

    Loved it!!

    1. Waqas says:


  2. btchonheels says:

    Good point, we should all celebrate our achievements and mistakes!

    1. Waqas says:

      Thanks for your comment Germana!

  3. Sya says:

    thanks for the mention Waqas, we always celebrate our achievements but beat ourselves up when we make a mistake. will keep this in mind for 2011. celebrating mistakes. 🙂

    1. Waqas says:

      Yes we young people make lots of mistakes, let’s also celebrate them from now on. Thank you for your comments.

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