Deliver Creativity, Deliver Happiness

Yesterday we talked about a basic but very important approach to bring happiness, i.e Deliver Learning, Deliver Happiness, taking it to step further we’ll see what is even more powerful in delivering happiness.

When I say Deliver Creativity it means helping yourself to create something meaningful. And / or helping someone in any super cool way, like unleashing talent in them, or helping them build a great website or just make a cup of tea.

I can bet the first happiest moment in your life was when you started walking. You did something first time and it made happy to you and everyone who was witness. You actually created something new for yourself. You must have said to yourself, “I’m the champion.

That 1 year old is still part of you, you can still get in the world of happiness by doing something new and truly genuine. Believe me you were the champion and you are the champion. Take your step, deliver creativity and fill yourself and this world with happiness. Ciao!

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  1. Sya says:

    but sometimes, it’s a little scary to take the first step dont you think? because as adults, we’ve learnt to have inhibitions, we know what it feels to fall. nonetheless, i agree that we all still have that 1 yr old in us! 🙂 i enjoy reading your blog! keep it up!

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