Deliver Learning, Deliver Happiness.

The best people in this world are those who help others to help themselves. One of the techniques they use is they get you out of your comfort-zone and put you in the learning sphere. By the time whoever are you, you start learning how you can help yourself and then continue to do so with others.

No one can paint TV Screen along himself but me.

You know when you buy a gift for your 2 years old son, he is not happy because of the toy. But he got something new and now he’ll unleash all the use of the toy. By the time he feels that the newness is over and then he need a new thing to learn (be happy). So rather than shouting when he does a stupid new thing help him to learn. 😉

It is safe to say one can learn from every book, the reason readers love reading so much is because they are learning between the lines and pages. You know more than 9 Millions people on Facebook have reading as their interest, because they all know it is the way to happiness. (Source Link)

If you are a teacher and your students seems less interested in the class, it doesn’t mean that learning is having opposite impact. It is because your teaching is not matching with what students want to learn. Take your time and find out their interest and match it with your class activities. This is the tact great teachers use in their classes.

The reason why many people love to work at specific beloved companies is that they get a workplace where they are experiencing new challenges everyday. They also get full support of their managers in the learning phase.

Happy moments matters a lot to us, everyone here is striving to be happy and sharing it with beloved ones. Go and start teaching your parents how to use Facebook / YouTube or Quora (lol.. if they think they can answer many question). May be then they shall take over your computer but they shall feel happy. 😉

Go and deliver learning to those who matters, and for you, you matters the most so deliver it to yourself too.

One sec, before going away, share me how learning something has delivered happiness in your life. Thank you my dear learner!

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