Dress up to make them happy.

Hi friends, today I’m gonna share a little story with you guys.

In spring 2008 I got really sick and I had to stay at my home for three months. As you might know my mother is a school teacher, so she used to go to her school and I stayed at home.

One noon, when I was alone at home, I thought to do something. I took a good bath, wore my favorite suit and polished shoes. In short I was looking sick great. 😉

The same day my mother returned back from school along her some school fellows. Who came to see me, when they people saw me, they said to my mother, “You told Waqas was sick but he looks fantastic.” My mother and all her friends were really laughing.

It taught me something seemed simple but really effective. On a common tired day if you want to make your parents happy, dress up well. Everyone will feel WOW!

Have you ever done so? If not then try once.


  1. So true 🙂

    1. Waqas says:

      Yes Rizwan and I believe you make many people happy. Thank you.

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