Employees Don’t Value You For Valid Reasons.

This blog is mean to write about business sometimes, actually I’m great believer of being human in business too. So here we go with today’s topic.

I’m the who interviewed Adam, I’m the person who helped him to get settled with his new job and I’m the person who recommends his work. In short, I’m his manager. But why the hell Adam doesn’t care for me any more? Why, I’m of no value to him any more?

And see here what Adam replies, “I seek no value in him anymore. All what he does is simply keep track of what me and other staff do. My 9th grade daughter can do it and she is more active than him. I seek more value in my neighbour who is great programmer and always helps me with the codes and other programming stuff, and you see he is updated. So I want a manager like my neighbour who can help me to create something.”

The above is the case with many managers, middle managers and supervisor in organizations all over the world. But you see Adam is very right too, the reason he is not giving value to his manager is because Mr Manager is giving no value to his staff at all.

Simple suggestion / answer to the manager is, “LEARN MORE!”

Time and technology has brought dramatic changes in businesses all over the world. Today being boss means to solve real problem and support your team with creative solution and ideas. A manager must acquire and build new knowledge not just about his industry but should cover maximum business related fields.

So dear manager rather than complain, go for learning, stay updated with valuable and exceptional knowledge and abilities. All the best!

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