Be Thankful, Go For A Walk

It is been ten days now when I wrote last post. I have no idea what to write these days. This might be because I’m not doing anything worth to write about.

But I’m going for a walk in few min now, (it’s 7:45pm at the moment) in a nearby park. Isn’t this amazing that we can go for a walk, see greenery, pass time with self, think and get fresh mentally and physically. Even then I do it rarely.

I’m going for a walk, see you with a fresh mind and mood.

Photo taken by my friend @IvanaSendecka while on her walk in London.


  1. eeversion says:

    Waqas A Day?… Waqas A Month more like… 🙂 What’s been up?

    1. Waqas Ali says:

      Thank you Dora 🙂 Today’s post answer your question. I’m doing fine and thumbs up for writing daily. 😉

      1. eeversion says:

        Not that I actually do. But I am trying hard 🙂
        Glad you’re back!

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