You Should Hire Waqas

To Listen: This is my specialty. Though my ears are not that big in size, but their work efficiency is rad. Along with a different set of eyes and a sensitive nose, it makes perfect combination to listen, watch, and smell things.

I can help you listen what people are saying about your business and brands. Why people are buying and not buying your products. Understanding your consumer decision journey. So together we can find what to keep and what to forget. 😉

Remember what Peter Drucker said?

” The customer rarely buys what the business thinks it sells.”

So it is important to uncover the root causes of consumers’ behavior by figuring out what people are trying to accomplish with your goods / products they use. Are they happy enough to tell other about you?

To Reinvent: It sounds a bold statement, but you might know today businesses all over the world are looking for Gen-Y to help them reinvent. If you know anyone better than me under the age of 24, go hire ’em.

I can help you reconsider, why the hell you are still trying the same 60 years old business model. Which is just partially applicable in this changing world.

Most importantly why your marketing is just M-for-marketing. Why it should be about customer services, delivering a great experience. And how you can redesign a community around your business / product. Yes it is possible, if you are open to change.

To Use Technology: You have come to this blog, I don’t know why, but thank you! This is a tiny example of how I and you are using internet, especially social sites including blogs etc.

For the past four years, I am trying to make sense of how communication and interactions have evolved over time and what role technology has to play with it.

I love social media sites, and I believe these are revolutionizing the way we connect and share. Today business are utilizing social media platform to build and engage with their communities. Are you missing it?

Reminder, social sites are only for companies which are considering to becoming a beloved company. If you are agreed to fix the basic (customer care / business ethics) first, we can work together to make use of Internet to win the success you deserve.

Of Course This in Not All

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