How Do We Like

Every business is trying to sell something which their customers ‘Like.’

Most of the times customers have already defined, what they like. Even then it is not simple to deliver the ‘Like.’

Take in this way, you Like an tailor’s work. You like to get his shirt.

But here is the point, despite the fact that the tailor is already very likable. It doesn’t mean that he can just make another shirt and people will still ‘Like’ that enough to pay his price. He has to do his best every time to deliver what they’ll like.

Let’s get it more clear by taking the nearest example. This blog. Here I’ve written some very good posts lately and in back as well. Some people, Liked those posts very much. They like my blog in general.

But in order to write another great post, I’ve to work hard. To find an idea and then presenting the idea in best possible way. Also I’m trying hard to write how ideas impact our real life. And how sometimes, without knowing the equation, we are part of the process and we enjoy the process very much.

The second way to deliver Like is, to make surprising solution or picture, or product. Your audience doesn’t know even a single thing about that, they don’t know if they shall Like something this.

But when product comes in their hand, or say design comes. They just say, aha.. this is what I really liked and I didn’t know.

An example, I would share is when TechCrunch got redesigned. Many readers, including me hated it. I thought, it is junk and not at all reader friendly. Dave Feldman made this new design.

Well, after reading from TC for two days. I said to myself, this is probably one of the best website design. It helps me read more and get straight to the content. I just couldn’t get it in first sight, now I love it.

Dave here knew, what people will Like, but haven’t Liked before, simply because they didn’t see anything like that. I strongly recommend anyone to hire him for webdesign and logo.

Second and obvious example could be of Steve Jobs, at Apple they created the products, no one imagined.

Walt Mossberg said this right about him:

“He did it because he was willing to take big risks on new ideas, and not be satisfied with small innovations fed by market research. He also insisted on high quality and had the guts to leave out features others found essential and to kill technologies, like the floppy drive and the removable battery, he decided were no longer needed.”

You can make money and luck by doing any of the two. It is all right. But don’t just sell fruit because other are doing the same. Instead sell fruit, to sell them in your own. Make your own place in this noisy world is not difficult, thinking different is difficult.

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