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How Nokia Is Reinventing Its Business in Pakistan

Nokia needs no introduction, especially in Pakistan, where every 60 people out of 100 mobile phone users carry a Nokia phone. In fact every mobile phone buyer check Nokia before going for any other company like Samsung, LG or Sony Ericsson.

It was 2003 when I and my friend bought a Nokia phone for both of us, I think it was Nokia 5110. But at that time, Nokia was new and it had far less reputation than what it has today in Pakistan. The size of phone was quite big.

It was mid 2003 or early 2004 when Samsung got hot in the market. People were crazy about their small sizes and melodies tunes. Especially Samsung C100 & X100 were one of the most popular phones of 2003 & 2004.

Then Nokia brought 3310 to Pakistan in a large quantity. This phone was well admired by the users , especially because of its battery timing and durability.

But this was just the start of Nokia’s journey in Pakistan. Others company made the mistake of first making a phone then tried to sell that in Pakistan. But Nokia brought phone which could easily match with the needs of their customers in Pakistan.

Especially their Nokia 1100, which was especially made to target developing countries, for users who do not require advanced features beyond making calls and text messages. The most powerful factor was it’s price, availability, easy-to-use and powerful network signals.Nokia 1100 played a key role to make Nokia the most successful brand in Pakistan. Users were also buying Nokia phone because it was easy to sell after use.

After then, their was a race for phones with video songs and memory cards. Sony Ericsson gave really tough time to Nokia in 2004-07 but again Nokia had the edge of powerful batteries, good reputation and could keep their market. Also Nokia’s phone had beautiful designs and softwares friendly.

In Sep 2008, Pakistan encountered biggest electricity crisis in Pakistan. We often faced load-shedding for 5 continuous hours and still now we are uncertain about this crisis. Nokia felt the need and designed phones with flashlights and even more reliable batteries to match the needs of middle class. (No power crisis for high classes in Pakistan)

In past three years, Nokia more focused on features like MMS, camera, more memory space and good price. Today’s hot features are touch screen, GPRS and style, and again Nokia see changes in customer needs and create the next basis of competition, also their pricing strategy is remarkable.

Nokia isn’t yet famous for smart phones, but it is clear to everyone that it is time for them to get deeper in smart phone market and for this they are partnering with Microsoft. They might not be best in west, but Nokia’s move in South Asia (most populous region in the world) is really smart and remarkable.

It is not that easy to reinvent before the need arise, but till now Nokia could manage to perform well here in South Asia. I personally believe, today every business needs to reinvent to survive because it is obvious that innovation is the only way to grow now.

If you do not see changes in your target market’s needs and work accordingly, your business is in danger.

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