My Facebook Status Which Got 14 Likes

Yesterday my Facebook status was:

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I copied it from one of the tweets, which were shared in last post.

But this is not it all. Tough above sentence is true, you’re visiting this blog because you wanna find something for you, something meaningful, which can be of worth of your time. You! You! You! 🙂

You are coming for your reasons, but interesting point is that, “I’m happy to be the reason for that meaningful thing which attracts you here.”

Lately I am learning lot of things like, customer-service is new marketing, and consumers are Gods of your business etc. In short this is always audience which controls.

But an artist, who can touch his emotionally either by making them laugh or cry, control his audience.

So the ball is in your court, how well you touch your audience. If you’re reading this, I already believe you’re an artist.

Go touch your audience, in a meaningful way. Go be the reasons to attract.

Go make such product, write such blog-post, capture such photo.

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