Picking New Place On Purpose

Welcome back friends, I’ve been disappeared here for a purpose. Which is I have changed my residence, and now living along my friends and co-worker Balal and Sidra. This place has been picked for the purpose of eliminating the communication gap between us.

There is another great news, I’ve been selected as #IS Ambassador at my most favorite blog Inspiring Shipments by Ivana Sendecka. It is an amazing opportunity for me to be a part of a website which unleashes talent. You can see announcement by Ivana here.

This is it for today, I’m feeling tired, so shall write something tomorrow. What about you? How the January has been for you? What are you up to? Sorry for being so boring today, hope to come back with something for you tomorrow. -Waqas

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  1. Congratulations on this achievement Waqas.
    Certainly it is an important mile stone for you in your career 🙂

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