Please Write Email In 5 Sentences or DON’T

We no longer like emails as much as we used to do. Why. This is because it takes lot of time and still the uncertainty stays with it.

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Any way.. let’s move on.

Writing email and business letter was first thing which I learned back in 2007. I’m still learning how to write an email under 5 sentences.

One thing which I learned about email and many people miss is: The purpose of email is to get the work done. Email is not about all-this-and-that.

It is all and only about to get the work done.

Here is how I do it.

  • please don’t write email. please. unless it is truly needed.
  • please write them back at earliest, as they wrote because it was truly needed.
  • if all you need to give them one sentence information, send ’em a text message or make a call.
  • write action points in bold.
  • if someone has written you an email to inform about something important, please write ’em back that you have read the email.
  • make full use of subject to provide heart of the message.
  • avoid formal sentences.
  • use words, instead of sentence.
  • use many fullstops. When you add fullstop you mean it in what so ever.
  • make use of bullets.
  • make use of social media. If you can approach to the receiver fatser using Facebook or Twitter, go for it.

Like me, if you are one who likes short email messages. Consider adding your tip(s) in comments below.


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  1. foodforme207 says:

    My thoughts are: this is what is wrong with our global community. Your words are appropriate if you are writing a business letter, but not so much a personal letter. Sometimes we need alot of words. It then should not be about the number of words. It should be about content. We live in a world of 140 characters or less. We don’t have the time to communicate properly. We don’t have time to have a cup of tea with a friend, or call them instead of texting. But we have time to go to war. We have time to steal. We have time to bully others to feel better about ourselves. No. Focus on the content. And spend some quality time. The writer did.

    1. tiehara says:

      I agree with the above poster. There is simply no need for all these restrictions and rules for sending emails. Sure we should always follow email etiquette; however, there is no need to deliberately shorten emails because society now has a short attention span. Where an email requires more information then by all means it should be added. My take is that an email should be as clear and as concise as possible, not simply less than 5 sentences.

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