Small things changed my life.

In 2003 I was introduced to the world of Internet by a friend. I did not really know what exactly are the use other than trying to talk non-sense with girls and watching porn. Thankfully my love for reading books overcame and I got back started reading. I boycotted internet, as it was not positive thing for me to get on. Three years passed and I even did not know what is Google? 😉 Yes I asked to one of my class fellow, how do you find that there are seven medical colleges in Lahore? He replied, “Go to Google and find everything.” I did not go to Google. In late 2006, I managed to get admission at FC College Lahore. I was studying Physics and had to get back on internet to make assignments and we used Google to plagiaries. I used to type different quarries to check if Google has it or not. One day I googled Basirpur, which is name of my hometown, but there was almost no result about my town. I got disappointed and thought to do something for it. After researching for few days I learned that I can create a wiki article on Wikipedia and it’ll help go to search engines too. So after adding all the information I could write an article on Wikipedia about Basirpur. I really felt WOW, yes we always feel special when we do something new and purposeful. In fact I said to myself, “Waqas you can do anything.” This small step changed my perception about internet and I started learning how I can apply it in my life in a meaningful way. And since then I have never turned back. Shawn Carter better known by his stage name Jay-Z,  (who is an American rapper and one of the most financially successful hip hop artists and entrepreneurs in America), said in his recent interview at HBR,

“Small things changed my life, right? A sixth-grade teacher said, you know you are kind of smart. And I believed in her. I said, I’m smart, right?”

Friends, if any small thing has changed your life? If yes, then share it. If not yet, let small things change your life for a very BIG purpose. Have a big small thing!


  1. Awesome Waqas!
    One small thing, which changed my life is how I have met you!
    It was via Google Ambassadors scam, we were part of, while others were upset how they could believe it is real Google behind this initiative, we started to talk and since, you, Sidra and Balal are my true friends, inspiration and supporters.
    So, lesson learned is that even when things seems to be dark, shining a light with positive attitude pays off.
    Keep on shipping my friend, I am proud of you and I do believe you can do anything!
    Bless you.

    1. Waqas Ali says:

      Ivana, connecting you has changed my life too. It was very BIG small thing that happened to me. Your continuous support and encouragement is helping me to do anything!

      Thank you for being my friend. 😉

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