Some Thoughts on Average Stuff and Typical Days

We talk about the best days of our life, we also keep the memories of bad days closer to us.

We praise the best people around, we also remember those who hurt us.

We either talk about things when they go wrong or when they go awesome.

We talk about how valuable that device or diary is to us, and we complain about stuff which we do not like.

We talk about the best shot of ours, the best photos which helped us win the title. We dislikes some pictures and immediately delete them.

This is very interesting behaviour of us, we talk about things when we love them or when we hate them.

But we hardly talk about average days of our life. We hardly praise average connections of our. We hardly pay attention to those people who’re so-so but have mixed well in our life.

The shopkeeper who always understands the quality you are looking for. The pillow which is with you every night, there to give comfort to you.

Those middle-ranking pictures, which were not remarkable, but which helped you keep capturing the more.

The business deal, without profit or loss.

An average friend, who might not be that great to give a remark, but who always greet you with a Friendly Hello. Who tells you about the homework the day you are absent in class.

Most importantly, we hardly remember those typical days of our life. They days which help us heal, let us get back to normal life. The days which make us ready for an outstanding one.

These average relations, moments and so-so stuff of our life, are very special in a way. They keep us calm and help us carry on.

Just take a deeper look into your neither very good nor very bad days, or an average meal, you will realise they aren’t average.

What do you think?


  1. ButtonsF says:

    I agree. This is something I do not understand in folks… one of my life mottos is ‘want what you have’ but so much of the time I see people lose everything good in their lives as they chase the lies of something ‘better’.
    See the post I’ve been working on this morning about someone who keeps believing lies and is truly throwing away all the good in their life for the lies of bad people.

  2. atbilal says:

    yeah I agree but some bad memories have deep effect then the happiest days but if we learn to understand this and realize those simple things that means a lot we will be the happiest creature of this planet. We will start loving our lives. Thanks WAQAS for reminding us what we need to remember every day, every moment.

  3. Thanks for ‘Liking’ my post Life’s for the Living, Waqas.

    I like the thoughts presented here – that it’s the average stuff that happens that keeps us going – average things, average people, average circumstances – and they make up so much of our everyday lives.

    We humans have such a need for drama! And if we could only let that go, if we could settle into the moment, perfect as it is in its simplicity and average-ness, we would be much happier people.

    1. Very nice observations. Contentment can be found in those “average” days. Not everything has to be extraordinary to be good, useful, or great.

  4. FrouFerial says:

    A very deep insight..especially that those very ordinary days are the core of the journey..yet we forget and focus our thoughts and energy on the result of the journey!

  5. Nandini says:

    True, each day counts. Thanks for such a nice post. 🙂

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