Speaking Truth to Tell a Lie and The Other Way Around

Sometimes we speak lie to state truth. (Artists face it quite often)


Sometimes we speak truth to tell a lie. (Happens with people not often, but as written sometimes)

It is 4:34 am in Pakistan right now, and I did spend whole night before computer and reading a book.

Now if I tell someone intentionally that I didn’t sleep last night, he will perceive Waqas is very hard working. Which is not always true.

Yes sometimes we speak truth to tell a lie.

and the other way around.

What do you say?

Image from here and here.


  1. This remembers me a philosophy quote:

    A liar, who always lies, can never say that he lies. But he can always say that he speak truth.

    1. Waqas Ali says:

      Interesting! I didn’t learned this before.

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