Yes! Take a Deep Breath

For the past two weeks, I had been trying to go for a morning walk. But sleeping at 2am-3am didn’t let me, but somehow I could manage to go out at 5:30am today.

I left the main street and started walking on a side road.

It was so beautiful, going for a walk after so many days.

Take a deep breath!

Everyone of us have read it somewhere.

So did I took a deep breath, in the open space. I loved it!

I took the 2nd one, and a guy who was walking before me lighted his cigarette and blow out the smoke. I was taking the 3rd deep breath, and my lungs were filled with the smoke.

I hated it, 40+ smoker started coughing for next two min, I stopped there, and let him go far.

Then I got back at my walk and deep breaths.

In 2005, I was 17 and I smoked somewhat 60 cigarette in that year. I do not do it now any more. It is now three years, when I smoked along friends in any cafe.

But it is history now, no plan to repeat the mistake.

Take a deep breath Waqas!

Note: Smoking is danger to deep breaths of yours and others.

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Did You Know? Why You Visit Waqas A Day

By the time you get to your browser and jump to WaqasADay (for which I’m grateful), I along with my younger brother put all the wheat in the bags. Earlier my mother spread it on roof.

In a small town of Pakistan, like I live in Basirpur, life is different.

But there is something really powerful which unites us, it is the diversity.

Yes! Diversity Unites Us! It makes us happy! It makes you happy! It makes me happy!

I value and appreciate your visit / share / feedback.

And most importantly the moments when you think of this of this blog and the guy behind.

Nothing more to say. This post is super-awesome!

I ♥ You.

Be Present Even If You are not Prepared

Salam friends,

Today I’m travelling to my hometown and I’m in the bus. I’m going to see my Parents and for a business.

Truth to be told, I do not know what to write today. But I really don’t want to be disappeared from the scene. I used to disappeared a lot two years back, firstly by chance or because of any reason. But later I couldn’t make up. I disappeared again and again.

And honestly,I am working to change myself. So today’s message is, “don’t be absent from class, even if you’re not prepared to teach well a day.”

This is because your students want to see you in the class and learning doesn’t always depend on proper preparation. Just go to your workplace or whatever you call it and have fun. This is actually I am doing right now, I knew I needed to be here for my friends who visit.

So try not to be absent just because you’re not prepared well, and if you are absent for a day, don’t add a second one. Reinforce yourself and be in the spot light, great things will happen automatically by you. And remember it is easy to change anything or any situation once if you change yourself. All the best to you, go and start making the change. Also tell me what you think of today’s post.

All thanks!