Getting Up in Easy Way

There is no such way. Too often when we get into serious troubles, we believe it is impossible to get up. Because we were never trained to make through THIS.

But looking back from now, you’ll find (if you’re 25+, and if you’re not you’re going to find) couple of times in life, when getting up seemed impossible.

More you believed it is impossible, but from somewhere strength came in. You did the most difficult and hard work, which you never did before and you got up.

It is important to remember, many time getting up is equally painful as getting down.

But we’ve to make through the pain and hardship to get up. The pain of getting up is worth of it.

You had the pain when the thorn stepped in heal, now it is time to get it out. Now it is time to get rid of thorn forever by facing the same pain, but just for a little.

I just mean to say that, getting up could be difficult and painful. But not getting up can kill you. Are you ready to get up? Are you ready to face the trouble to get rid of it?

Are You Inspired by the Global Village?

It was 2001, and I was in grade 7 when I learned about the term Global Village. A guy opened first Internet cafe in my hometown Basirpur, the cafe name was ‘Global Village Internet Cafe.’ I liked the combination of global and village. But I really didn’t know what this term and internet is about.

I learned it an interesting way, it was 2007, third semester at my college, when I took a course ‘Christian Ethics.’ My intend was to communicate better with my Christian friends. The teacher named ‘Bob Wetmore’ (who was an American, visiting faculty member) created a course website using Google Sites.

Same days, I was an active member of my college’s environmental club, so I decided to create a basic website for the club using Google Sites. But I had no idea how to do this. 😉

We needed the website to collect data from volunteers and members of the club, so a contact form was required. That was the first time, when I wrote an email to a stranger. The guy named, Brian, had a wonderful Google Sites and also knew all the feature. I told him about our problem, he helped. We exchanged 5-6 emails and problem was sorted.

Brian is now my friend on Facebook, he lives in US. Also he was the first person who introduced me with the power of internet and how it can be used for good. This small and now pretty normal incident changed my perception about technology and how it can help us serve other people in any mean.

Today someone I really admire wrote me, “Waqas, I just discovered this today. You are a star! Carry on.”

It is now revealed to me, focusing on work and staying positive with yourself and others can turn you into a star. No matter how small are you, you can enlighten this world when it is needed.

This is why I founded Indo-Pak Peace Media(a community to bring peace between India and Pakistan), and started connecting with new people around the Global Village. Now I’m also working on to bring Pakistan online, through an upcoming tech-blog, where I aim to help people use Internet for good.

Sometimes I use this blog just to communicate with you people on what I’m up to. This post is the example.

I googled Villages Pakistan, here are some of the beautiful photos for you.

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So You are Facing Tough Time, Now What?

Note: Two of my very dear friends, who also read this blog, are going through very tough time, one lives in US & second in Pakistan. So this post is especially written for them. You can also add your words and share your experience if it can help.

Unfortunately I’ve no how-to on how to be strong and changing the fate etc, rather I shall talk about very practical approach.

So you’re in hard time, true, accept it, relax your soul (which seems impossible, but you can). Now analyse the situation and look for solution. I’m telling you this from my experience, we most likely select the complaining part when we go through hard time, it is really very uncommon to stand to fight for what you deserve.

In life almost every problem eventually pass, communicate with people you trust, including yourself. Now find the way you can bring good back for you. Be selfish, and do not let anyone damage your health and mind, how else you’ll fight against it.

Engage yourself in something which is important, any fresh activity, like reading, blogging or gardening, worrying is not important.

Talk with someone who knows you and respects you, share what’s been happening, what are your fault, how you can stand again. And I believe You Shall!

Time will come when you will be at peace again, try to stay focused on learning from this, stay positive.

Friends, this is not just another post for me. I’ll specially pray for each and everyone of you. Be Strong! Be Human!

“The most authentic thing about us is our capacity to create, to overcome, to endure, to transform, to love and to be greater than our suffering.”  -Ben Okri

My friend Oliver also did the same thing for one of his friends, read Being Human (also go through all comments there)

Friends, if you can please add your words, please do in comments. Thank you very much.

Did You Know? Why You Visit Waqas A Day

By the time you get to your browser and jump to WaqasADay (for which I’m grateful), I along with my younger brother put all the wheat in the bags. Earlier my mother spread it on roof.

In a small town of Pakistan, like I live in Basirpur, life is different.

But there is something really powerful which unites us, it is the diversity.

Yes! Diversity Unites Us! It makes us happy! It makes you happy! It makes me happy!

I value and appreciate your visit / share / feedback.

And most importantly the moments when you think of this of this blog and the guy behind.

Nothing more to say. This post is super-awesome!

I ♥ You.

Sorry Mom, I’m Busy With Friends on Facebook

It is safe to assume, like me you spend plenty of time with your computer and gadgets. Indeed interactive and social sites make us feel very good to spare time (this is why they exist). We share and hangout with friends online. Yes we happily do this everyday.

But on the other hand, we’re giving less time to our offline friends and most importantly to family. I am realizing it more than ever, because these days, I’m at my hometown with my family and it encounters to me.

Good thing is that I have learned to manage my time online and offline. What are you waiting of? Go.. Take a nap from this screen. 😉 Have a good time!  ♥ ♥ ♥

Did You Notice? Good Folks Bringing ‘Love’ on Web

I have an active account at Tumblr too. Today I got am email from them, here is the screenshot.

Second one:
Even if you have never heard of his music, chances are you have heard about Justin Bieber. Here is his one of most recent tweet.!/justinbieber/status/83376003342274560

I strongly believe in the power of few genuine words and this all is an example of what I advocate.

Do you bring ‘Love’ to your people, customers, readers and/or pets? Should you? I believe you know the answer. 😉

Love U!


Best Way to Get Back Into Blogging or Anything After Laziness

[tweetmeme source=”Waqas6” only_single=false]

In short: Do It Now!

(or keep continuing for more)

It’s been 40 days since I haven’t wrote anything on this blog. The only reason I didn’t is Laziness. Yes I have reasons to advocate my absence, but I and you know there is no valid reason to not to do anything when you seriously want to do.

Well, when I’m writing this post there is another tab opened in my browser about 13 Ways To Get Back Into Blogging. I read that, but seriously it didn’t help me.

That’s why I just decided to DO IT! This is because it is only between you and me. I care for the genuine connection between us, and seriously I feel sorry for a long disconnection from my side.

These 40 days have taught me a lot, about myself. I talked to myself, watched movies and ignored that I’ve a blog where me and my friends communicate and learn together.

But I missed it, I missed when a new connection start. I missed the feeling of clicking the Publish Button after writing a post. I missed you all. In fact I missed a big part of me, who’s passionate about Changing World and creating art each single day. Thankfully I’m back. More Thankfully you’re back too.

This is not just my personal assumption that things will be back to normal just because of me. It is because of you people who care.

Believe me if you haven’t done some wonderful thing in a long time. Don’t lose heart, life is not over, nor inside you. Either it is blogging, morning walk, teaching or photography or anything. You can do it because only you can do it.

I’m back, we’re back. Get back, do it! I hope you guys have good health. Say hello if you want. Or share. Also tell me what you have been up to. How did the Easter go?

Thank you all for your care.

Very yours,



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Be Thankful, Go For A Walk

It is been ten days now when I wrote last post. I have no idea what to write these days. This might be because I’m not doing anything worth to write about.

But I’m going for a walk in few min now, (it’s 7:45pm at the moment) in a nearby park. Isn’t this amazing that we can go for a walk, see greenery, pass time with self, think and get fresh mentally and physically. Even then I do it rarely.

I’m going for a walk, see you with a fresh mind and mood.

Photo taken by my friend @IvanaSendecka while on her walk in London.