Which Search Engine will Create an Option to Search For Events?

With the increase of online social communities, it is the time for businesses and everyone to interact offline about their favorite thing.

Strong are the chances that people will search a lot to find about events around them. One can search for public events on LinkedIn, Facebook, Tweetup, Eventbrite, Amindo and my favorite meetup.com. But there should be something for all them and others events platform I don’t know yet. Or may be they can add the option in their current search options.

So search engines will have to consider adding this new option, who’ll do it? A new startup or an old giant?

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Be Genuine to Create WOW

A month back I got a t-shirt from blekko (a new search engine). They announced to distribute free t-shirts to their fans around the world. Here is how did they made me WOW by being genuine.

I asked them on Twitter, if you guys are still giving free t-shirts and what about sending one to me in Pakistan. They did not tweeted me back, but took even a step further than replying there. I got an email from their employee with subject T-Shirt? T-Shirt! and asked me to send the postal address and size to get free t-shirt.

Actually what really fantastic is that, they did see my tweet, reached to my blog, then contact page and got my email address and finally send me the email. I was surprised and you know the email subject was so interesting and that explained all. I sent them the info and they have sent me t-shirt. Thank you blekko.

Before this, I didn’t know that you can actually make WOW others by just writing a long detailed micro but genuine email. So be genuine to create WOW. It is not as that difficult, just Be Human!