Hello World

Failing in writing has become almost norm for me.

When 2013 started, I planned to write a worthy for myself and everyone who follows my blog. But look, here we are, 70 solid days has passed and I couldn’t write that GREAT post.

I have realized that just because we haven’t time / energy / skills to execute a perfect shot we miss so many of easier but worth doing tasks. The same has been happening on my blog too. I could have written something.

It is not the case that I was all disconnected from writing, I wrote a story, 100s of emails, tweets, and hand written notes.

I get challenged by writing, almost all the time. But this is among all the good reasons I write for.

The purpose of this post is to say Hello to you, and tell that I’m okay, and I’m here again.

Trying again and again (in writing) is norm for me.

Set for Shipping

Just now when I was coming out of my washroom, I saw an ant moving on the sink. At first it did not look like an ant at all. I thought it is anyother comparatively bigger insect. But when I got closer, it was an ant holding a piece of food bigger then itself. I think we become what we carry.

We can carry anything, a camera, a hope, some anger, business idea, a flower, thoughts of revenge, a regret or anything out there. Some time you can even carry an idea which could connect 850 million people. In short, everyone of us is set to ship something.

I often whisper: “A lot gets changed, and it’ll be changed more by time.”

Lately I have been in lot of changes, mostly positives.

Now on this blog I want to talk about what I am doing, rather than what I or you should be trying becoming.

As some of you know, I am trying building a startup. A real business where I have to convince people to buy my product (mostly shoes). In fact I am learning how to make physical products from scratch. And how to ship when it is hard.

Now I am realising this more than ever that why someone like ‘Sheeda Dabay Wala’ (Sheeda box maker) is smarter than guys with an MBA from a leading business school.

Entrepreneurship is fun, but at the same time, probably the most sensitive fun one could ever have. For example, yesterday someone stole my motor bike from the parking. This bike was gifted by my brother to help me in my business. And now it is with me no more, but then no matter what, let’s keep shipping.

Let’s keep shipping for what we set overselves.

In coming days and months, I shall write how I am building the business and what is important which I am learning, relearning or unlearning.

My focus will be more on the business and workable side of the world rather than just preaching how to be a better human. Better human is important, but one can help more people if you have the idea of getting something physical out of that.

In short I am all set now. The site name is changed from ‘Waqas A Day’ in to Waqas Ali.

And yes, now we have a tagline/message:  “Set for Shipping.”


– How Do We Like
– Without Knowing the Equation
I Shall Call You Smart If You

How to Add a Tweet Button With Your Twitter Username into WordPress.com

UPDATE (April29, 2012): Though WordPress.com now lets you add your own twitter username when using the Tweet Button. For this you need to set up Publicize feature for Twitter. (Official message from WordPress.com here.)

NOTE: When I enabled this feature, it didn’t work at first. So I disabled and enabled again, and it worked fine for a day or two. IT HAS STOPPED WORKING AGAIN NOW.

But don’t worry.

To create your own tweet button, please go through these steps.

This button’s function include:

  • adds my twitter handle / username after the Post Title and URL
  • suggests non-followers to follow me on Twitter
  • shows the main website link after RT

But this will not show the tweets count.

You can test it by using the tweet button below. 😉

Jump to Tweet + Like to learn How to Add Such Tweet Button for Your WP.com Site.

You Can Write A Great Blog Post If You

10- regularly make a draft of your learning, in your note pad, a word file or even use your mobile’s draft folder to write down the ideas / story.

9- share any interesting thing, which happened to you and can deliver learning  to others.

8- watch a movie, and then tell us what made the hero ‘A Hero‘ or/and why the movie was interesting.

7- go through your old notebooks, if there is something (I believe there are many) which can still be applied, publish them for us.

6- go through your two years old email in your sent folder.

5- take four days offline and spend time with yourself and few people who really matters.

4- watch a TED Talk.

3- get fail at something.

2- read, read, and read.

1- want.

Also remember You Can Not Write a Great Blog Post Everyday, you don’t need to. But it never means you shouldn’t write.

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‘About You’ is equally important.

I created this blog for following five reasons:

  • to create everyday.
  • to have fun.
  • to interact with friends.
  • to learn.
  • to be a better human.

I believe non of this can be achieved without knowing ‘You. I know many of you have just been reading and Liking (by the Like button ;)), but my dear reader & friend I want to know about You.

Yes real human who is sitting opposite to screen.

Don’t know what to tell? Just answer the following questions to give me chance to know you more.

  1. What is your name?
  2. Where were you born?
  3. Where do you live now?
  4. What do you do? (your profession/hobbies or anything)
  5. What does excite you? (you love to do _____?)
  6. What is your website? (blog / profile etc)
  7. What did you take in your last meal? (if you’re not fasting since years)
  8. How did you get know this blog? (i.e  Inside Out | waqas a day)
  9. Do you like something here? What?
  10. What do you think of Pakistan

Please do not underestimate value of ‘About You’. It is really needed and I’ll be grateful if you take few minutes to write answers of the questions and / or anything you would like to add more.

Can’t wait to know ‘About You’ 😀

PS. I’m planning to add an ‘About You’ page in this blog, so share away!