You’ve 15 Years Experience, What’s the Point?

Few days back I was having a conversation with my new friend Babar Zia about efficiency of an experienced person. He made a point, which pushed me in thoughts and made me restless. Here is what he said:

“People come and say, we have 10+ years of experience of doing this and that. But did you actually learned from the experience and most importantly, did you change your actions. This is the point to consider when you work with someone.”

It looks simple at first, but by digging in you can easily discover how continuously we ignore changing our actions. I’m 23 now, but I’ve been doing the same mistakes lately, I wasn’t changing some of my actions, I wasn’t celebrating my mistakes as much as I should have.

Now I’m throwing ball in your court, did you change any of your action? If yes, how? If not, are you considering changing some of your actions after reading this.

I think it’s time for me, you, your business and everyone to initiate the change. Let’s stop doing that, and start changing. 😉 Share your thoughts in the comment below.

Best Way to Get Back Into Blogging or Anything After Laziness

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In short: Do It Now!

(or keep continuing for more)

It’s been 40 days since I haven’t wrote anything on this blog. The only reason I didn’t is Laziness. Yes I have reasons to advocate my absence, but I and you know there is no valid reason to not to do anything when you seriously want to do.

Well, when I’m writing this post there is another tab opened in my browser about 13 Ways To Get Back Into Blogging. I read that, but seriously it didn’t help me.

That’s why I just decided to DO IT! This is because it is only between you and me. I care for the genuine connection between us, and seriously I feel sorry for a long disconnection from my side.

These 40 days have taught me a lot, about myself. I talked to myself, watched movies and ignored that I’ve a blog where me and my friends communicate and learn together.

But I missed it, I missed when a new connection start. I missed the feeling of clicking the Publish Button after writing a post. I missed you all. In fact I missed a big part of me, who’s passionate about Changing World and creating art each single day. Thankfully I’m back. More Thankfully you’re back too.

This is not just my personal assumption that things will be back to normal just because of me. It is because of you people who care.

Believe me if you haven’t done some wonderful thing in a long time. Don’t lose heart, life is not over, nor inside you. Either it is blogging, morning walk, teaching or photography or anything. You can do it because only you can do it.

I’m back, we’re back. Get back, do it! I hope you guys have good health. Say hello if you want. Or share. Also tell me what you have been up to. How did the Easter go?

Thank you all for your care.

Very yours,



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Deliver Celebration, Deliver Happiness
Be Genuine to Create WOW

Hello and My Profile

This week has been really tough in creating stuff. Feeling bit nervous for being not able to keep with you guys regularly.

But thankfully I just not wasted whole week, had good meeting with a big potential client, sent them proposal as well. Created my profile, which you can see here. Did read some really good posts, watched TED Talks and though a lot.

I assume it is gonna make me stronger, but what use of a strong person if you do not ship your art (write a genuine blog post or whatever). So before going to sleep tonight, just wanted to say you ‘Hello and we’re returning to wonderful stuff from now on.

Meanwhile if you have experienced some incredible thing, do share here. You all matters a lot to me, how are you?

Find What Doesn’t Work

You see your competitor is progressing much more than you by the time, he is also keeping the pace as well. It might seems that he knows what works , but actually he also knows what doesn’t.

If you want to run something successfuly, go try to solve the problem with a different method. It’ll hopefully be solved and you’ll get what works for you. If it doesn’t work, you’ll know what doesn’t work for you and then get back with something which works for you.

So make sure you know well what doesn’t work for you as well as what does.

Feeling Bad? It Is Actually Good.

You’re feeling bad over the bullshit you just did. Feeling a kind of regret that you haven’t blasted on one of your employees, as you know if you were at his place you would have done more rubbish.

Believe me, not everybody feels the same way after doing something negative. It is only nature of good human, who own their mistakes. They say yes to self accountability, say mistake to mistake, and try to avoid those negative steps in future.

So if you ever feel bad or regret on what you did wrong to someone. It is actually good and it helps you to be a better human.

And if you are someone who doesn’t feel any bad over the destructive act(s), you’re in danger.

Deliver Celebration, Deliver Happiness

Yesterday one of our our blog members Sya commented and raised an important concern about taking action each time. Her comments are as below:

” but sometimes, it’s a little scary to take the first step dont you think? because as adults, we’ve learnt to have inhibitions, we know what it feels to fall. nonetheless, i agree that we all still have that 1 yr old in us! :) i enjoy reading your blog! keep it up! “

She is right that many times we do not taking action(s) with full swing because once we got failed. Let’s jump deeper in it.

Celebration means here to observer or commemorate your action(s). The best way to get out of your outcomes is to celebrate them.

Celebrating Success

Many of us get our projects done in the way we wanted and then start working back in routine. Which is I believe wrong attitude towards yourself.

To get most out of your success, celebrating is must. It helps us in number of ways, 1-Share your success with those who appreciate your efforts. Appreciation of friend is very powerful asset and it helps you dream big and taking action for it.

2-Get a break, taking a break after completing your project helps us to focus on our personal needs. Which is again very important, a happier person is a better person.

3-Make a list, if you write a diary, write a note about your achievements and the hurdles and how did you overcome on them.

Celebrating Mistakes

Celebrating mistakes in one of the best thing I learned in 2010. In fact it is the way to get most out of your mistakes / failures. Habit of celebrating the mistakes make you feel free to experiments, try something new.

Celebrate mistake means blaming no one. Reaction to mistakes plays an important role in keep you going. In early years of our life we get only encouragements and the comments like, “Do it in this way and it will be done. ” By the time we get in our mid 20s nobody tells how to actually reinforce yourself, so rather than blaming the circumstances or weather, go and re-Do it in a new way with better preparation.

Remember if everything succeeds it means you are not taking enough risks and not trying to create something new.

I end this post to you with following two phrases.

Celebrate your Successes no matter how small.

Celebrate your Mistakes no matter how Big.

Image source: Unfolding Creativity