So You are Facing Tough Time, Now What?

Note: Two of my very dear friends, who also read this blog, are going through very tough time, one lives in US & second in Pakistan. So this post is especially written for them. You can also add your words and share your experience if it can help.

Unfortunately I’ve no how-to on how to be strong and changing the fate etc, rather I shall talk about very practical approach.

So you’re in hard time, true, accept it, relax your soul (which seems impossible, but you can). Now analyse the situation and look for solution. I’m telling you this from my experience, we most likely select the complaining part when we go through hard time, it is really very uncommon to stand to fight for what you deserve.

In life almost every problem eventually pass, communicate with people you trust, including yourself. Now find the way you can bring good back for you. Be selfish, and do not let anyone damage your health and mind, how else you’ll fight against it.

Engage yourself in something which is important, any fresh activity, like reading, blogging or gardening, worrying is not important.

Talk with someone who knows you and respects you, share what’s been happening, what are your fault, how you can stand again. And I believe You Shall!

Time will come when you will be at peace again, try to stay focused on learning from this, stay positive.

Friends, this is not just another post for me. I’ll specially pray for each and everyone of you. Be Strong! Be Human!

“The most authentic thing about us is our capacity to create, to overcome, to endure, to transform, to love and to be greater than our suffering.”  -Ben Okri

My friend Oliver also did the same thing for one of his friends, read Being Human (also go through all comments there)

Friends, if you can please add your words, please do in comments. Thank you very much.

Being the First One to Cross the River

I recall being in early teens, throwing food for crows. It starts with a crow, who sees it first and then it calls others, and then the whole group waits till the most hungry one jump on the food. In next moments you see every one is on the food.

The same nature I have noticed in other species, as if I’m not on my computer, I’m most probably on National Georaphic or any other wild life TV. I want to state, I have observed it quite often.

Now on the human side, it is the same. We see in every field, no matter if it is fashion industry, book publishing, or communication or any other, we are in wait of the next new. We’re bored with the current one and eagerly waiting new one to come in so we shall join it too (like everyone else).

It is in our nature to avoid being the first one to do something, both good and bad. So it is okay not to be the first one in family who blogs regularly, it is okay not to be the first one to deliver a great business experience in your industry. It is okay not to be the first leader in your community. It is okay not to be the first one to do something meaningful. Because we are not that great and it is the duty of great people to do this and that.

Often we wait until we are too hungry, or in other words get pushed by circumstances to take actions. I also see many people give the reason of less prepared to start something. But we have discussed earlier, and found it clearly that, we are seeking for leaders, not perfect.

Here is video, which conveys the same message. It might help you to better understand what I want to say. It all might help you to be the first one to do… to do that… Yes you know what you need to do.

Image from here

Gen-Y Can Help You Reinvent Your Business.

Yesterday I read an interesting article about The CEO’s Role In Business Model Reinvention on HBR. The article featured Infosys, one of the largest IT companies in India with 122,468 employees and offices in 33 countries around the model. Over two deacded Infosys achieved many wonderful business milestones.

In article author mentioned that, at Infosys thirty percent of participants in any strategy discussion should be younger than age 30, because they are not wedded to the past.

Problem is, despite reading a lot about the advantages of failures. Many times it effects our future acts in very negative way, people often feel discouragements because of their past failure and try to avoid something new.

Gen-Y is a handful solution to this problem. Good thing about them is that young people think a lot about future, they trust the future, because they have longer to live in it.

They are powerful agents who have grown up questioning its parents and are now questioning employers too. Don’t be afraid, they will help you get out of your comfortzone to CREATE something remarkable.

Updated on July 22, 2011: I found a video by Vineet Nayar on “How the Young Generation Can Renew an Obsolete Business Model”

How Nokia Is Reinventing Its Business in Pakistan

Nokia needs no introduction, especially in Pakistan, where every 60 people out of 100 mobile phone users carry a Nokia phone. In fact every mobile phone buyer check Nokia before going for any other company like Samsung, LG or Sony Ericsson.

It was 2003 when I and my friend bought a Nokia phone for both of us, I think it was Nokia 5110. But at that time, Nokia was new and it had far less reputation than what it has today in Pakistan. The size of phone was quite big.

It was mid 2003 or early 2004 when Samsung got hot in the market. People were crazy about their small sizes and melodies tunes. Especially Samsung C100 & X100 were one of the most popular phones of 2003 & 2004.

Then Nokia brought 3310 to Pakistan in a large quantity. This phone was well admired by the users , especially because of its battery timing and durability.

But this was just the start of Nokia’s journey in Pakistan. Others company made the mistake of first making a phone then tried to sell that in Pakistan. But Nokia brought phone which could easily match with the needs of their customers in Pakistan.

Especially their Nokia 1100, which was especially made to target developing countries, for users who do not require advanced features beyond making calls and text messages. The most powerful factor was it’s price, availability, easy-to-use and powerful network signals.Nokia 1100 played a key role to make Nokia the most successful brand in Pakistan. Users were also buying Nokia phone because it was easy to sell after use.

After then, their was a race for phones with video songs and memory cards. Sony Ericsson gave really tough time to Nokia in 2004-07 but again Nokia had the edge of powerful batteries, good reputation and could keep their market. Also Nokia’s phone had beautiful designs and softwares friendly.

In Sep 2008, Pakistan encountered biggest electricity crisis in Pakistan. We often faced load-shedding for 5 continuous hours and still now we are uncertain about this crisis. Nokia felt the need and designed phones with flashlights and even more reliable batteries to match the needs of middle class. (No power crisis for high classes in Pakistan)

In past three years, Nokia more focused on features like MMS, camera, more memory space and good price. Today’s hot features are touch screen, GPRS and style, and again Nokia see changes in customer needs and create the next basis of competition, also their pricing strategy is remarkable.

Nokia isn’t yet famous for smart phones, but it is clear to everyone that it is time for them to get deeper in smart phone market and for this they are partnering with Microsoft. They might not be best in west, but Nokia’s move in South Asia (most populous region in the world) is really smart and remarkable.

It is not that easy to reinvent before the need arise, but till now Nokia could manage to perform well here in South Asia. I personally believe, today every business needs to reinvent to survive because it is obvious that innovation is the only way to grow now.

If you do not see changes in your target market’s needs and work accordingly, your business is in danger.

We Love Stories. Do You Have One?

Great people like Nelson Mendela, Gandhi or Martin Luther King. They all shared a common thing, the story. They story of the challenges they faced, of the bold steps they took, of believing in themselves.

Every successful person or business is based on the stories and their fans remember them by investigating and talking more and more about their stories. This is way Apple, Facebook or IKEA has many fans, and those fans are continuously sharing the story of their beginning and all up and downs.

You see not every person or business has a story. This is because only bold steps make a great story a story worth sharing and remembering. Even if someone wants to give a great TED Talk, he shares his story.

Watch this talk by Neil Pasricha, where he shares his story and how he started one of Web’s most respected blogs

Now you got it clearly, right? You can not play your full shot unless you create a story. And as we saw earlier in the video, story means taking bold steps and do something wonderful. Which at first might seem very small.

Have you started working on building your story? You must! Please share your story with us, please. If you feel you haven’t one yet, just share what you’re up to, no matter how little it is, this might be start of another great story. Wish you all the best for your story my dear friend. See you in comments.

Deliver Celebration, Deliver Happiness

Yesterday one of our our blog members Sya commented and raised an important concern about taking action each time. Her comments are as below:

” but sometimes, it’s a little scary to take the first step dont you think? because as adults, we’ve learnt to have inhibitions, we know what it feels to fall. nonetheless, i agree that we all still have that 1 yr old in us! :) i enjoy reading your blog! keep it up! “

She is right that many times we do not taking action(s) with full swing because once we got failed. Let’s jump deeper in it.

Celebration means here to observer or commemorate your action(s). The best way to get out of your outcomes is to celebrate them.

Celebrating Success

Many of us get our projects done in the way we wanted and then start working back in routine. Which is I believe wrong attitude towards yourself.

To get most out of your success, celebrating is must. It helps us in number of ways, 1-Share your success with those who appreciate your efforts. Appreciation of friend is very powerful asset and it helps you dream big and taking action for it.

2-Get a break, taking a break after completing your project helps us to focus on our personal needs. Which is again very important, a happier person is a better person.

3-Make a list, if you write a diary, write a note about your achievements and the hurdles and how did you overcome on them.

Celebrating Mistakes

Celebrating mistakes in one of the best thing I learned in 2010. In fact it is the way to get most out of your mistakes / failures. Habit of celebrating the mistakes make you feel free to experiments, try something new.

Celebrate mistake means blaming no one. Reaction to mistakes plays an important role in keep you going. In early years of our life we get only encouragements and the comments like, “Do it in this way and it will be done. ” By the time we get in our mid 20s nobody tells how to actually reinforce yourself, so rather than blaming the circumstances or weather, go and re-Do it in a new way with better preparation.

Remember if everything succeeds it means you are not taking enough risks and not trying to create something new.

I end this post to you with following two phrases.

Celebrate your Successes no matter how small.

Celebrate your Mistakes no matter how Big.

Image source: Unfolding Creativity

Troubles are Not Just Troubles.

Today I was talking to my friend and team member Balal, he told me about few really tough days he just experienced. Without inquiring more about what happened, I said Balal, everyone of us is in phase of life where he/she is fighting for something.

Many people are striving to get many things, some are to sustain themselves and all the tough times result into a stronger and experienced person. So rather than being worried about what the hell has happened, accept the challenge and say it here I’m not only to face you but to get positive outcomes from it.

Believe me friends, we are never burdened with more than our capacities, never underestimate the power of YOU.

” Wise are they who have learned these truths: Trouble is temporary. Time is tonic. Tribulation is a test tube. “

~ William Author Ward

Friends, do you believe troubles are not just troubles, but also another chance to grow yourself in a stronger and better person? When do you face any hard time, what weapon you use to cope with it? How did any trouble contributed in your growth?