I am 3.5 Year Old, and I Have Questions

Children are born artists. Here is why, they inquire. An artist is someone who’s mind is curious enough to take action to find out the answers.


Like what will happen if I try to draw that picture, how will it feel if I shall sing these beautiful words. Etc Etc.

Yesterday was Eid, so I had some guests at home. One of them was my cousin with her two little kids. This story is about Zain, a 3.5 years old boy and his conversation with me.

I was at my computer starting with daily reading.

Here are some of his questions and the pictures which made him inquire. I also tried to answer them as well.

1-Why only his eyes are showing up? Where is his rest of face?

Ans. Look, in this picture, he’s only showing up his head and eyes to make it interesting. He wants people to take notice of this picture. Got it?

2- Alright, what is that pink thing on your table?

This is a machine, a small one. I use it with my computer.

Multi-Card Reader

Well, it is used to transfer different things from one computer to another computer or mobile phone.

4-Okay, show me some stuff which we can insert in it.

Yup, here is it, we can shift any cartoon video or picture of yours to our mobile. Right.

5-Why are you typing on computer?

(He noticed that after his questions I was saving them in drafts.) Ah, I am saving our conversation in my computer. Is it fair?

6-How he come up with clothes and full face?

(I wanted to show Zain, the full picture of Seth Godin, so I went on Seth’s Facebook Page. Zain took good notice of this too and asked the above questions.)

Zain, this is another picture of the guy, here he is with his clothes and full head.

That was enough of my feeds, then I stumbled on some cartoon pictures to check his reaction.

7-Why he is going to fire someone?

I think he is just playing with his little toy, it is kind of the same gun as you used to have few days back. But it looks more like a real one. Isn’t it?

8-Why you are writing things which I am telling you?

Actually, I want to share our conversation with my friends. And I hope they like it.

9-Why these cars are not running?

These are the pictures of cars. In pictures, we can not see things moving. Here are the moving cars. (then I played the following video)

10-Why are they hitting everything?

This is because they are driving in rushy areas. Where many other vehicles and stuff is moving.

11-Where do the people go when the car gets broken?

Most of the time, they get out of them and get back to their home. Or if anyone gets hurt then hospital.

12-Does it show the aeroplane as well?

Yes it does.

Later I spent some more time with him. Entertained him with more videos and cool stuff.

So What Is The Point?

This is something not surprising at all. As human, we are born to discover and create remarkable stuff.

But here is why I am worried about Zain or any other little kid. They will eventually be stopped to ask questions, which do not make sense to elders including and especially teachers.

They will be forced to do the work in others’ way instead of with their knowldge and learning. They will be forced to not to inquire, they will be forced to shut the mouth when someone is doing stuff.

But at the same time, I often interact with parents and encourage them to let their child live their life. Let them learn in their way, which shouldn’t necessarily make sense to elders. Here is an incredible TED Talk by Sir Kin Robinson on Do school kill creativity?

What do you think? I am sure when you were a little kid, you were curios same as Zain. Did you lost that curiosity? Have you ever had similar experience with you? Please share your thoughts in comments below.

(At the end of our conversation, Zain said “when I’ll get older, Ill buy a computer too.” I shall talk to his parents and ask them to buy one for him now.)

Are You Inspired by the Global Village?

It was 2001, and I was in grade 7 when I learned about the term Global Village. A guy opened first Internet cafe in my hometown Basirpur, the cafe name was ‘Global Village Internet Cafe.’ I liked the combination of global and village. But I really didn’t know what this term and internet is about.

I learned it an interesting way, it was 2007, third semester at my college, when I took a course ‘Christian Ethics.’ My intend was to communicate better with my Christian friends. The teacher named ‘Bob Wetmore’ (who was an American, visiting faculty member) created a course website using Google Sites.

Same days, I was an active member of my college’s environmental club, so I decided to create a basic website for the club using Google Sites. But I had no idea how to do this. 😉

We needed the website to collect data from volunteers and members of the club, so a contact form was required. That was the first time, when I wrote an email to a stranger. The guy named, Brian, had a wonderful Google Sites and also knew all the feature. I told him about our problem, he helped. We exchanged 5-6 emails and problem was sorted.

Brian is now my friend on Facebook, he lives in US. Also he was the first person who introduced me with the power of internet and how it can be used for good. This small and now pretty normal incident changed my perception about technology and how it can help us serve other people in any mean.

Today someone I really admire wrote me, “Waqas, I just discovered this today. You are a star! Carry on.”

It is now revealed to me, focusing on work and staying positive with yourself and others can turn you into a star. No matter how small are you, you can enlighten this world when it is needed.

This is why I founded Indo-Pak Peace Media(a community to bring peace between India and Pakistan), and started connecting with new people around the Global Village. Now I’m also working on to bring Pakistan online, through an upcoming tech-blog, where I aim to help people use Internet for good.

Sometimes I use this blog just to communicate with you people on what I’m up to. This post is the example.

I googled Villages Pakistan, here are some of the beautiful photos for you.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Want to Learn? Well, First Know What to unLearn

Schools teach us is to do what is told. No question on why the homework is important or why not find any new way to solve this problem. We tried to do that, some of us did it better to get better grades.

On the opposite side in life, we encounter problems which needs unique solutions for every person. And unfortuanetly we have no one to tell us what to do.

This is just a tiny example of why unlearning is important, but it helps to give you an idea. Time is changing all the time, so should our learning be.

Everyday we learn many things, both good and bad. A ‘filter for learning’ can help us better use what is good, and before that help us unlearn what is not good or what did not work.

I wish you a happy un-learning!

“The illiterates of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.”  -Alvin Toffler

Thanks to my friend Sebastian Sastre for bringing the term UNLEARN, he has written incredible stuff on Philosophy is the new plan.

Enjoy Being A Real Human

Yesterday was third time when I watched Godfather (movie), I like it many reasons. This time I learned a message which I had not noticed before. The lesson is as followed:

“The man who doesn’t spend time with his family is not a real man.” ~Godfather


Friends, please take a second and answer this question, am I a real man enough? Sometimes we engage much in buying gifts for our beloved ones that we really miss the time to be with them.

Yes it is important to earn money for your family, but why to snatch those beautiful moments from your family and yourself quite often. Be a real man my friend!

Photo from Ivana

Deliver Creativity, Deliver Happiness

Yesterday we talked about a basic but very important approach to bring happiness, i.e Deliver Learning, Deliver Happiness, taking it to step further we’ll see what is even more powerful in delivering happiness.

When I say Deliver Creativity it means helping yourself to create something meaningful. And / or helping someone in any super cool way, like unleashing talent in them, or helping them build a great website or just make a cup of tea.

I can bet the first happiest moment in your life was when you started walking. You did something first time and it made happy to you and everyone who was witness. You actually created something new for yourself. You must have said to yourself, “I’m the champion.

That 1 year old is still part of you, you can still get in the world of happiness by doing something new and truly genuine. Believe me you were the champion and you are the champion. Take your step, deliver creativity and fill yourself and this world with happiness. Ciao!