My Facebook Status Which Got 14 Likes

Yesterday my Facebook status was:

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I copied it from one of the tweets, which were shared in last post.

But this is not it all. Tough above sentence is true, you’re visiting this blog because you wanna find something for you, something meaningful, which can be of worth of your time. You! You! You! ūüôā

You are coming for your reasons, but interesting point is that, “I’m happy to be the reason for that¬†meaningful¬†thing which attracts you here.”

Lately I am learning lot of things like, customer-service is new marketing, and consumers are Gods of your business etc. In short this is always audience which controls.

But an artist, who can touch his emotionally either by making them laugh or cry, control his audience.

So the ball is in your court, how well you touch your audience. If you’re reading this, I already believe you’re an artist.

Go touch your audience, in a meaningful way. Go be the reasons to attract.

Go make such product, write such blog-post, capture such photo.

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Solving a Math and Life Problem – A Self-taught Lesson

Three watermelons and two cantaloupes weigh 32 pounds. Four watermelons and three cantaloupes weigh 44 pounds. All watermelons weigh the same and all cantaloupes weigh the same. What is the weight of two watermelons and one cantaloupe?

A simple math problems looks like the same as this one (actually this is a real one). In real life, sitting in an examination hall, this three line long question turns really hard for a 10 year old Waqas.

This is what’s been happening with me when I was in my early 10s. ūüėČ But I sorted it out, thanks to ME, I learned how to solve them.

The same thing is happening with me when I am in my early 20s now. ūüėČ Life brings all kind of problems towards me and you, no matter if you like a subject or not, we encounter problems every single day. And some times they seems much bigger and complex to us, that it almost seems impossible to solve them.

But here is how I learned solving Math problems and now I and may be you can reLearn the same lesson to apply in real life.

Let me be that 5th grader again. (I hope it’ll not feel boring to you, even it does, solving is important)

OMG! This is such a long question, I forget what was mentioned in first three words, by the time I end reading this question. So here is, read it again. No sense at all. Let’s write the values on paper and may be things get better.

Watermelon = X, Cantaloupes = Y
3X + 2Y = 32lb  , 4X + 3Y = 44lb
Now multiply first equation with 3, and second with 2, and we get
9X + 6Y = 96,  8X + 6Y = 88

Now if we subtract second equation from 1st one, this is what we get.
X + 0Y = 8, in other words, X=8

Now put the X’s value in equation 1
24 + 2Y= 32  ->  2Y = 8  -> Y=4

We need to find weight of 2 watermelons (X) and 1 cantaloupe (Y)
Here it is

2X + 1Y = ?
16 + 4 = 20

It means weight of 2 watermelons and 1 cantaloupe is 20lb. Bingo!

Here are truths about problems in live.

  • The problems looks complex, and solutions seems difficult. (this is why they are problems)
  • When we read / review of a problem, we forget that we can use our background,¬†knowledge, resources and our many years experience.
  • We don’t specify how this problem can be resolved, and we start worrying.
  • We don’t get that, solutions can be divided into small steps, which are easy and more practical, rather looking into whole¬†sphere.
Final Thoughts:

It is clear to me now that, Worrying at First, was the first thing I used to do in my class when looking at math problems.

And it didn’t work for me.¬†So in life, Worrying at First, is not going to help me at all. Not to you as well.

Worrying at first is not my strategy now. It should never be.

PS. This post idea came two hours ago, when I suggested my mother, (who is teaching math to her 5 grade class), to develop the habit of Not Worrying at First in your students. If you really want to be best math teacher in your shool, and more importantly help your students change their lives.

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Being the First One to Cross the River

I recall being in early teens, throwing food for crows. It starts with a crow, who sees it first and then it calls others, and then the whole group waits till the most hungry one jump on the food. In next moments you see every one is on the food.

The same nature I have noticed in other species, as if I’m not on my computer, I’m most probably on National Georaphic or any other wild life TV. I want to state, I have observed it quite often.

Now on the human side, it is the same. We see in every field, no matter if it is fashion industry, book publishing, or communication or any other, we are in wait of the next new. We’re bored with the current one and¬†eagerly¬†waiting new one to come in so we shall join it too (like everyone else).

It is in our nature to avoid being the first one to do something, both good and bad. So it is okay not to be the first one in family who blogs regularly, it is okay not to be the first one to deliver a great business experience in your industry. It is okay not to be the first leader in your community. It is okay not to be the first one to do something meaningful. Because we are not that great and it is the duty of great people to do this and that.

Often we wait until we are too hungry, or in other words get pushed by circumstances to take actions. I also see many people give the reason of less prepared to start something. But we have discussed earlier, and found it clearly that, we are seeking for leaders, not perfect.

Here is video, which conveys the same message. It might help you to better understand what I want to say. It all might help you to be the first one to do… to do that… Yes you know what you need to do.

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Which Search Engine will Create an Option to Search For Events?

With the increase of online social communities, it is the time for businesses and everyone to interact offline about their favorite thing.

Strong are the chances that people will search a lot to find about events around them.¬†One can search for public events on LinkedIn, Facebook, Tweetup, Eventbrite, Amindo and my favorite But there should be something for all them and others events platform I don’t know yet.¬†Or may be they can add the option in their current search options.

So search engines will have to consider adding this new option, who’ll do it? A new startup or an old giant?

Answer this question on Quora or here in comments. Share with friends to get more ideas.

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Find What Doesn’t Work

You see your competitor is progressing much more than you by the time, he is also keeping the pace as well. It might seems that he knows what works , but actually he also knows what doesn’t.

If you want to run something successfuly, go try to solve the problem with a different method. It’ll hopefully be solved and you’ll get what works for you. If it doesn’t work, you’ll know what doesn’t work for you and then get back with something which works for you.

So make sure you know well what doesn’t work for you as well as what does.