What I Want to Do

I was in grade 5. One day our teacher took the whole class to the playground. Where they have arranged different games for us, like football, cricket and some other running games. (I don’t remember all of them.)

When asked which game I wanted to play. I went for football. But after playing football for some 10 min, I watched around other students playing different games. I said to myself, “I don’t want to play football, instead I want to play cricket.”

And when I was handed the cricket ball, and bowled one or two overs. I said to myself, “I don’t want to be a bowler, instead I want to play as a batsman.”

And then I played cricket as a batsman next few years at school.

In 2006, I got admission in BS, and chose Physics as my major. After reading and failed tries of memorizing Physics for a year. I learned that I’m not a Physics guy.

Then I went to Economics and Political Science, but the only courses which I wanted were taught at senior level. Which meant I should have taken the basic course first.

In my first Political Science’s class, the teacher was very rude. She said something like this: “No one is going to tell me how to teach and how much to teach. And when I’m teaching, no one can interrupt to ask question etc.”

Later a fellow told me that, once a student proposed her for marriage before whole class. So now she takes extra care. The other Economics teacher was also not someone you can trust to learn from.

So, I hated those basic courses. I left them. And now I don’t remember which courses I studied in that year. But things went on.

In my second year at college, I was looking through course atlas where I found the description of Business Communication course interesting. So after giving some thoughts, I decided to take that course. I loved it.

Business Communication was probably my favorite course during my college years. Why? Everything this course had, have something to do in real life. I went to internet to take help. And I never turned back to college again. I dropped it.

I stayed at college for next one and half year, where I spent most of time reading business magazines and making notes of them. I especially was interested how people build business from scratch and how they turn tragedies into motivational tools.

Next I started learning how internet can be used. And this is where I am today, using it for my business.

What I have learned from my these experiences is this:

” You don’t get to know what you really want (or want to do), unless you start doing something. If you’ll do one thing, the experience will help you find out what is for you and why are you. “

So if you’re at some point wondering what you want to do (or can do). Start doing one thing which is before you. Go for your first call. May be you’ll fall at wrong place. But the experience of this wrong place shall eventually get you to the right place.

Also remember: DOING helps you think clearly. DO something.

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Feeling Bad? It Is Actually Good.

You’re feeling bad over the bullshit you just did. Feeling a kind of regret that you haven’t blasted on one of your employees, as you know if you were at his place you would have done more rubbish.

Believe me, not everybody feels the same way after doing something negative. It is only nature of good human, who own their mistakes. They say yes to self accountability, say mistake to mistake, and try to avoid those negative steps in future.

So if you ever feel bad or regret on what you did wrong to someone. It is actually good and it helps you to be a better human.

And if you are someone who doesn’t feel any bad over the destructive act(s), you’re in danger.

We Love Stories. Do You Have One?

Great people like Nelson Mendela, Gandhi or Martin Luther King. They all shared a common thing, the story. They story of the challenges they faced, of the bold steps they took, of believing in themselves.

Every successful person or business is based on the stories and their fans remember them by investigating and talking more and more about their stories. This is way Apple, Facebook or IKEA has many fans, and those fans are continuously sharing the story of their beginning and all up and downs.

You see not every person or business has a story. This is because only bold steps make a great story a story worth sharing and remembering. Even if someone wants to give a great TED Talk, he shares his story.

Watch this talk by Neil Pasricha, where he shares his story and how he started one of Web’s most respected blogs 1000AwesomeThings.com

Now you got it clearly, right? You can not play your full shot unless you create a story. And as we saw earlier in the video, story means taking bold steps and do something wonderful. Which at first might seem very small.

Have you started working on building your story? You must! Please share your story with us, please. If you feel you haven’t one yet, just share what you’re up to, no matter how little it is, this might be start of another great story. Wish you all the best for your story my dear friend. See you in comments.

Deliver Celebration, Deliver Happiness

Yesterday one of our our blog members Sya commented and raised an important concern about taking action each time. Her comments are as below:

” but sometimes, it’s a little scary to take the first step dont you think? because as adults, we’ve learnt to have inhibitions, we know what it feels to fall. nonetheless, i agree that we all still have that 1 yr old in us! :) i enjoy reading your blog! keep it up! “

She is right that many times we do not taking action(s) with full swing because once we got failed. Let’s jump deeper in it.

Celebration means here to observer or commemorate your action(s). The best way to get out of your outcomes is to celebrate them.

Celebrating Success

Many of us get our projects done in the way we wanted and then start working back in routine. Which is I believe wrong attitude towards yourself.

To get most out of your success, celebrating is must. It helps us in number of ways, 1-Share your success with those who appreciate your efforts. Appreciation of friend is very powerful asset and it helps you dream big and taking action for it.

2-Get a break, taking a break after completing your project helps us to focus on our personal needs. Which is again very important, a happier person is a better person.

3-Make a list, if you write a diary, write a note about your achievements and the hurdles and how did you overcome on them.

Celebrating Mistakes

Celebrating mistakes in one of the best thing I learned in 2010. In fact it is the way to get most out of your mistakes / failures. Habit of celebrating the mistakes make you feel free to experiments, try something new.

Celebrate mistake means blaming no one. Reaction to mistakes plays an important role in keep you going. In early years of our life we get only encouragements and the comments like, “Do it in this way and it will be done. ” By the time we get in our mid 20s nobody tells how to actually reinforce yourself, so rather than blaming the circumstances or weather, go and re-Do it in a new way with better preparation.

Remember if everything succeeds it means you are not taking enough risks and not trying to create something new.

I end this post to you with following two phrases.

Celebrate your Successes no matter how small.

Celebrate your Mistakes no matter how Big.

Image source: Unfolding Creativity

Have passion for something meaningful.

Yes! And that something is only what you love to do. 2011 is the year, start doing that now.

(Feel free to share what you are up to, I would be happy to support you.)


I Can’t Write a Great Post Everyday, But..

Yes it is true that I can not write a good, inspiring or informative post every single day. In fact many of world’s top bloggers can  not do it every time when they write, but it does not stop them to write everyday. This is because one need to try every time to create something really meaningful.

I and You just need to ship our art regularly, it can not be master piece each time. But it is the way to create a master piece.

“I have not failed 10,000 times. I have successfully found 10,000 ways that will not work out. ”  ~ Thomas Edison

So no matters if things work out on first day, month or year, just keep doing what really matters and it’ll bring you to the success. Of course there is lot of uncertainty in doing so, but Master Piece comes out of uncertainty sometimes. Go and start doing what matter!!! Thank you.