Waqas Is Twenty-three!

Yes I just took first step in 23rd year of my life. This year is gonna be the most important phase of my life. 

I especially love having all of you on this journey, through blogging, social media and phone calls and yes in person. I’m looking forward to execute number of projects in business and of my life.

I love each and everyone of you, thank you very much for being with. In case if you want to give me a birthday gift, it is very easy, just take 3 minutes and make me happy, click here for 3 min procedure. 😀

Share your most favorite photo of yours.

Folks, I missed you alot in last three days as I couldn’t ship what I wrote offline. So we are getting back with some really cool stuff to share.

Today, everyone of us shall share a very special photo of himself. So let it start with me.

Me sitting on the chair and my brother standing at left.

This is my favorite photo of me, that was March 1989 when I was of 14 months. I burnt my feet in a stove where some girls were frying potato in the ash. And this picture was taken in a part at school where my mother teaches. 😉 Yes I was that fat baby & I have had good health till I left my home for studies. I love this picture for no reason, I don’t need any.

So friends, now your turn, share away any memorable photo of yours with us all here. Can’t wait to see you in special moment of your life.


PS. Don’t know how to share photos online? Use Flickr / Facebook to share online and share the photo link in comments.