Want to Fix Problems? Learn or Find Learner

Making something from scratch ain’t easy, but it is never boring. I love working on Hometown.

But here is a problem/opportunity I am encountering every single day.

For the past 4 years I have been learning about internet tools, doing business and what not. Yes I was taking help from all the gurus, resources and my experience. So what is the problem?

Problem is very simple. All the problems I am facing are totally new for me, I have never encountered anything like that. I have never talked with VCs or worked on business plan.

And when I look back at what I learned. It doesn’t help very much, so every time to fix a problem I have to learn the solution. Thankfully I am proudly one of the best known learner I have ever met.

This girl is learning and solving a problem at the same time.

Got the point?

Time has been changing all the time, this time changes are faster. Everything has changed, and it’ll keep changing. So who can help you to address changes.

As we have talked earlier, a person with ‘15 years of experience‘ is not gonna help. Instead we need a learner, who can learn faster. Who is eager to learn from success, average results and from failure the most.

Take a deep breath. <– Please do it.

Give some thoughts to whom you are hiring, or going to work with. Is she a good learner.

Same idea applies in relationships. Thankfully no one is perfect, in the life, everyone of us faces new problems and challenges. For example, I shall have a a wife, and some kids. Some in-laws too. <– Every problem shall be new. I am ready. 😉

Best is the one who keeps learning. Rather than living life based on past experience.

I recently learned from Robin Dickinson, who said this:

The past is not the future.

OMG! It is not. It is not at all.

It is all good to live in present and more importantly looking into future.

I love being learner, and working with great learners.

Be a learner! Surround yourself with learners!

Today’s Learning — Behind the World of Online

Behind the world of online, real people exist with real problems.

Yesterday, one of my online friends, who promised to be offline friend too. He passed away, he took his life. No words over this loss.

This is his last tweet


This is the world we all are creating.

Read more about Trey Pennington

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Getting Up in Easy Way

There is no such way. Too often when we get into serious troubles, we believe it is impossible to get up. Because we were never trained to make through THIS.

But looking back from now, you’ll find (if you’re 25+, and if you’re not you’re going to find) couple of times in life, when getting up seemed impossible.

More you believed it is impossible, but from somewhere strength came in. You did the most difficult and hard work, which you never did before and you got up.

It is important to remember, many time getting up is equally painful as getting down.

But we’ve to make through the pain and hardship to get up. The pain of getting up is worth of it.

You had the pain when the thorn stepped in heal, now it is time to get it out. Now it is time to get rid of thorn forever by facing the same pain, but just for a little.

I just mean to say that, getting up could be difficult and painful. But not getting up can kill you. Are you ready to get up? Are you ready to face the trouble to get rid of it?