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Here goes the video for you, I recommend to watch it on YouTube here.

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Yesterday morning I spent 90 minutes watching this film, Life In A Day. My friend Sidra, pointed this to me. It is a user generated featured film, shot on July 24, 2010 by hundreds of people from all over the world.

The movie contain best of those shots, representing life which is similar every where in different scenario.

You can watch it free on YouTube, just click on the screenshot below or here. I really hope you too would enjoy watching the movie.

You sense it right, we are getting back at blogging.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

(story) There is Always a Chance, and There is Always a Choice

Watch this yourself.

” The is always a chance, and there is always a choice. Instead of doing nothing with myself.  I want my son to see me singing on stages because life is too precious to waste. “

Thanks to the best known videos curator Sami Ullah for pointing this video.

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