WaqasADay gets new address; waqasali.me

Yes. The primary URL for this blog is now shifted to waqasali.me

The blog address was waqasaday.wordpress.com but most of you were accessing by typing Waqas A Day in search. Both will be working too.

Now on you can easily get by typing waqasali.me in your browser. And it is easy to remember.

More, some good posts are in pipelines. Which I couldn’t publish, don’t know why. But from tomorrow we’ll be back. I hope you are all fine. Thank you.

PS. Are we friends on Facebook yet? We should.

Speaking Truth to Tell a Lie and The Other Way Around

Sometimes we speak lie to state truth. (Artists face it quite often)


Sometimes we speak truth to tell a lie. (Happens with people not often, but as written sometimes)

It is 4:34 am in Pakistan right now, and I did spend whole night before computer and reading a book.

Now if I tell someone intentionally that I didn’t sleep last night, he will perceive Waqas is very hard working. Which is not always true.

Yes sometimes we speak truth to tell a lie.

and the other way around.

What do you say?

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Important Note – Tell Me About Yourself

This blog is referred as Waqas’s blog, but it is equally yours. I believe knowing and communicating with you people is one of the basic reasons to start this blog.

So here we go, please answer these simple questions, to let us all know about yourself. I shall like it very much, and it’ll also help me know you better.

  1. What is your name?
  2. Where were you born?
  3. Where do you live now?
  4. What do you do? (your profession/hobbies or anything)
  5. What does excite you? (you love to do _____?)
  6. What is your website? (blog / profile etc)
  7. What did you take in your last meal? (if you’re not fasting since years)
  8. How did you get know this blog? (i.e WaqasADay)
  9. Do you like something here? What?
  10. What do you think of Pakistan?

Please share your answer here in comments, and I’ll post them on About You page.

I really can not wait to meet you. Thank you for being with all the time.

Warmly! Waqas

Hire Me – Why Don’t You

Hey friends,

Just added a new page ‘Hire Me‘ in the blog, check it out and let me know what you think. Suggestions would be warmly appreciated.

Also now you know what I do. 😉 So if you or any of your friend needs help and I can be of help. Get in touch with me.

From tomorrow we’ll be back at regular posts. For now, just hire me!

Thank you.

Yes! Take a Deep Breath

For the past two weeks, I had been trying to go for a morning walk. But sleeping at 2am-3am didn’t let me, but somehow I could manage to go out at 5:30am today.

I left the main street and started walking on a side road.

It was so beautiful, going for a walk after so many days.

Take a deep breath!

Everyone of us have read it somewhere.

So did I took a deep breath, in the open space. I loved it!

I took the 2nd one, and a guy who was walking before me lighted his cigarette and blow out the smoke. I was taking the 3rd deep breath, and my lungs were filled with the smoke.

I hated it, 40+ smoker started coughing for next two min, I stopped there, and let him go far.

Then I got back at my walk and deep breaths.

In 2005, I was 17 and I smoked somewhat 60 cigarette in that year. I do not do it now any more. It is now three years, when I smoked along friends in any cafe.

But it is history now, no plan to repeat the mistake.

Take a deep breath Waqas!

Note: Smoking is danger to deep breaths of yours and others.

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I Shall Call You Smart If You

I shall call you smart if you…

  1. take notes of what you read.
  2. have good community of offline friends.
  3. watch a movie, and then watch that again to understand better. Same applies for a book.
  4. go for a walk or running regularly.
  5. write regularly. (See here if you want to write a great blog post)
  6. watch at least one TED Talk each week.
  7. get fail at any thing every at least every three months. It means you try new solutions.
  8. have strength to take responsibility of your actions, especially when they go wrong.
  9. stand for an idea or something which is worthy. Remember if you don’t stand for something, you are not STANDING.
  10. keep good track of your time.
  11. start doing something new, which no one in your surrounding have done before.
  12. sleep at 11pm or earlier.
  13. are not hesitate to say ‘NO’.
  14. write an email under five sentences.
  15. laugh at least once a day.
  16. add your tip in this list.
  17. (optional) share this post with someone, you appreciate.

Are You Inspired by the Global Village?

It was 2001, and I was in grade 7 when I learned about the term Global Village. A guy opened first Internet cafe in my hometown Basirpur, the cafe name was ‘Global Village Internet Cafe.’ I liked the combination of global and village. But I really didn’t know what this term and internet is about.

I learned it an interesting way, it was 2007, third semester at my college, when I took a course ‘Christian Ethics.’ My intend was to communicate better with my Christian friends. The teacher named ‘Bob Wetmore’ (who was an American, visiting faculty member) created a course website using Google Sites.

Same days, I was an active member of my college’s environmental club, so I decided to create a basic website for the club using Google Sites. But I had no idea how to do this. 😉

We needed the website to collect data from volunteers and members of the club, so a contact form was required. That was the first time, when I wrote an email to a stranger. The guy named, Brian, had a wonderful Google Sites and also knew all the feature. I told him about our problem, he helped. We exchanged 5-6 emails and problem was sorted.

Brian is now my friend on Facebook, he lives in US. Also he was the first person who introduced me with the power of internet and how it can be used for good. This small and now pretty normal incident changed my perception about technology and how it can help us serve other people in any mean.

Today someone I really admire wrote me, “Waqas, I just discovered this today. You are a star! Carry on.”

It is now revealed to me, focusing on work and staying positive with yourself and others can turn you into a star. No matter how small are you, you can enlighten this world when it is needed.

This is why I founded Indo-Pak Peace Media(a community to bring peace between India and Pakistan), and started connecting with new people around the Global Village. Now I’m also working on to bring Pakistan online, through an upcoming tech-blog, where I aim to help people use Internet for good.

Sometimes I use this blog just to communicate with you people on what I’m up to. This post is the example.

I googled Villages Pakistan, here are some of the beautiful photos for you.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Did You Know? Why You Visit Waqas A Day

By the time you get to your browser and jump to WaqasADay (for which I’m grateful), I along with my younger brother put all the wheat in the bags. Earlier my mother spread it on roof.

In a small town of Pakistan, like I live in Basirpur, life is different.

But there is something really powerful which unites us, it is the diversity.

Yes! Diversity Unites Us! It makes us happy! It makes you happy! It makes me happy!

I value and appreciate your visit / share / feedback.

And most importantly the moments when you think of this of this blog and the guy behind.

Nothing more to say. This post is super-awesome!

I ♥ You.

The Origin of Job Interviews + 5 Tweets to Lighten Your WeekEND




Today Buttons Foster made my day with her comments on ‘About You’ is equally important. You can see her comments here.

Have a great week ahead my friends!

Sorry Mom, I’m Busy With Friends on Facebook

It is safe to assume, like me you spend plenty of time with your computer and gadgets. Indeed interactive and social sites make us feel very good to spare time (this is why they exist). We share and hangout with friends online. Yes we happily do this everyday.

But on the other hand, we’re giving less time to our offline friends and most importantly to family. I am realizing it more than ever, because these days, I’m at my hometown with my family and it encounters to me.

Good thing is that I have learned to manage my time online and offline. What are you waiting of? Go.. Take a nap from this screen. 😉 Have a good time!  ♥ ♥ ♥