I Shall Call You Smart If You

I shall call you smart if you…

  1. take notes of what you read.
  2. have good community of offline friends.
  3. watch a movie, and then watch that again to understand better. Same applies for a book.
  4. go for a walk or running regularly.
  5. write regularly. (See here if you want to write a great blog post)
  6. watch at least one TED Talk each week.
  7. get fail at any thing every at least every three months. It means you try new solutions.
  8. have strength to take responsibility of your actions, especially when they go wrong.
  9. stand for an idea or something which is worthy. Remember if you don’t stand for something, you are not STANDING.
  10. keep good track of your time.
  11. start doing something new, which no one in your surrounding have done before.
  12. sleep at 11pm or earlier.
  13. are not hesitate to say ‘NO’.
  14. write an email under five sentences.
  15. laugh at least once a day.
  16. add your tip in this list.
  17. (optional) share this post with someone, you appreciate.

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Today Buttons Foster made my day with her comments on ‘About You’ is equally important. You can see her comments here.

Have a great week ahead my friends!

We are Seeking for Leaders, Not Ideals

Yesterday I had some guests. First three school teachers who teach in the same school where my mother does. Almost everyone of them asked me how they can better grow their children and make them like Me. 😉 Also after they left, I had another visitor, a young guy who was going to get admission in college for grades, he was also seeking for someone who can guide him in a way or two.

Though I believe I’m not yet that great teacher, which I want to be, but I realized some truth about leadership.

A leader is the person who:

  • is not a guru, he is a normal guy who’s good at somethings and bad at many things.
  • make use of what he is good at.
  • leads the change, in other word who is always the first one to stand for something usually when no one believes in.
  • gets fail and then try again and again.

These are indeed great points, but to even better understanding how the process of leadership starts, we look into another angle. When Martin L. King, or Mandela stood for their rights, they were not the best black persons on earth.

There must be black guys in their community who were wiser, healthier, better communicator. But the thing is everyone was afraid to stand for that.

Mandela did not wait of any genius to start the journey of freedom, he did it.

Dear reader, We are Seeking for Leaders, Not Ideals, so don’t worry if you’re not good at something, you can lead your family, community, world. Come! Lead us!

Enjoy Being A Real Human

Yesterday was third time when I watched Godfather (movie), I like it many reasons. This time I learned a message which I had not noticed before. The lesson is as followed:

“The man who doesn’t spend time with his family is not a real man.” ~Godfather


Friends, please take a second and answer this question, am I a real man enough? Sometimes we engage much in buying gifts for our beloved ones that we really miss the time to be with them.

Yes it is important to earn money for your family, but why to snatch those beautiful moments from your family and yourself quite often. Be a real man my friend!

Photo from Ivana

Waqas Is Twenty-three!

Yes I just took first step in 23rd year of my life. This year is gonna be the most important phase of my life. 

I especially love having all of you on this journey, through blogging, social media and phone calls and yes in person. I’m looking forward to execute number of projects in business and of my life.

I love each and everyone of you, thank you very much for being with. In case if you want to give me a birthday gift, it is very easy, just take 3 minutes and make me happy, click here for 3 min procedure. 😀

We Love Stories. Do You Have One?

Great people like Nelson Mendela, Gandhi or Martin Luther King. They all shared a common thing, the story. They story of the challenges they faced, of the bold steps they took, of believing in themselves.

Every successful person or business is based on the stories and their fans remember them by investigating and talking more and more about their stories. This is way Apple, Facebook or IKEA has many fans, and those fans are continuously sharing the story of their beginning and all up and downs.

You see not every person or business has a story. This is because only bold steps make a great story a story worth sharing and remembering. Even if someone wants to give a great TED Talk, he shares his story.

Watch this talk by Neil Pasricha, where he shares his story and how he started one of Web’s most respected blogs 1000AwesomeThings.com

Now you got it clearly, right? You can not play your full shot unless you create a story. And as we saw earlier in the video, story means taking bold steps and do something wonderful. Which at first might seem very small.

Have you started working on building your story? You must! Please share your story with us, please. If you feel you haven’t one yet, just share what you’re up to, no matter how little it is, this might be start of another great story. Wish you all the best for your story my dear friend. See you in comments.

Dress up to make them happy.

Hi friends, today I’m gonna share a little story with you guys.

In spring 2008 I got really sick and I had to stay at my home for three months. As you might know my mother is a school teacher, so she used to go to her school and I stayed at home.

One noon, when I was alone at home, I thought to do something. I took a good bath, wore my favorite suit and polished shoes. In short I was looking sick great. 😉

The same day my mother returned back from school along her some school fellows. Who came to see me, when they people saw me, they said to my mother, “You told Waqas was sick but he looks fantastic.” My mother and all her friends were really laughing.

It taught me something seemed simple but really effective. On a common tired day if you want to make your parents happy, dress up well. Everyone will feel WOW!

Have you ever done so? If not then try once.

Share your most favorite photo of yours.

Folks, I missed you alot in last three days as I couldn’t ship what I wrote offline. So we are getting back with some really cool stuff to share.

Today, everyone of us shall share a very special photo of himself. So let it start with me.

Me sitting on the chair and my brother standing at left.

This is my favorite photo of me, that was March 1989 when I was of 14 months. I burnt my feet in a stove where some girls were frying potato in the ash. And this picture was taken in a part at school where my mother teaches. 😉 Yes I was that fat baby & I have had good health till I left my home for studies. I love this picture for no reason, I don’t need any.

So friends, now your turn, share away any memorable photo of yours with us all here. Can’t wait to see you in special moment of your life.


PS. Don’t know how to share photos online? Use Flickr / Facebook to share online and share the photo link in comments.

‘About You’ is equally important.

I created this blog for following five reasons:

  • to create everyday.
  • to have fun.
  • to interact with friends.
  • to learn.
  • to be a better human.

I believe non of this can be achieved without knowing ‘You. I know many of you have just been reading and Liking (by the Like button ;)), but my dear reader & friend I want to know about You.

Yes real human who is sitting opposite to screen.

Don’t know what to tell? Just answer the following questions to give me chance to know you more.

  1. What is your name?
  2. Where were you born?
  3. Where do you live now?
  4. What do you do? (your profession/hobbies or anything)
  5. What does excite you? (you love to do _____?)
  6. What is your website? (blog / profile etc)
  7. What did you take in your last meal? (if you’re not fasting since years)
  8. How did you get know this blog? (i.e  Inside Out | waqas a day)
  9. Do you like something here? What?
  10. What do you think of Pakistan

Please do not underestimate value of ‘About You’. It is really needed and I’ll be grateful if you take few minutes to write answers of the questions and / or anything you would like to add more.

Can’t wait to know ‘About You’ 😀

PS. I’m planning to add an ‘About You’ page in this blog, so share away!