Thank You My Blog

2011 been the most unpredictable year of life, so far. And I just realized again, it is not over yet.

From Jan 01, to this day, 3 people impacted my life deeply. My friends Sidra and Ivana, and My Blog (yes I’m calling it alive person, because sometimes it is the most living form of me).

This blog started as a journey to be a better writer and as a better person. I’m not really sure about the level of progress, but I really love to write here. Really love to be here.

I also love the regular, as well as random readers of my blog. Thank you for being part of me.

Impacting lives of each other is especially via digital channels is something very rare. But I’m glad, I could somehow do it.

Thank you for being with. My thoughts are with you people, where ever in the world you are.

Why don’t you start your own blog?


  1. Sidra Qasim says:

    Thanks to you Wakas!

  2. Aw…thank you Waqas…you changed and are changing my life from a day we ‘met’ 2.0

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