Twitter Is Blocked In Pakistan

That’s right. Twitter bird is in the cage of Pakistani government. One never knows, what they are up to and till when.

Our IT Ministry thinks that if someone in the world create and share blasphemous content through social media sites. Then it is in the best interest of the state and people to block the site for millions of users in the country.

Last year they were trying banning Facebook for the same reasons. Shall we stop them?

PS. I just wrote to some leading tech blogs to support and thankfully TechCrunch covered it.

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  1. Alex Jones says:

    Pakistan is also protecting its culture from the corrosive impact of foreign Western memes, so I can see why they need to censor social media.

  2. Waqas Ali says:

    Reblogged this on Don't Ban Facebook in Pakistan and commented:

    Guys let’s get ready again. This time they blocks Twitter.

  3. Khurram says:

    Waqas ali simple question for u.. is twitter more important for u or Prophet??. And u show more loyalty to twitter or Prophet?

    Its just a protest against a website admin that they r allowing all this,,,

  4. people know very well about behind this game 🙂

  5. Zamiyad Dar says:

    Well Now they have put Youtube behind bars 🙂 …
    I am thinking to write a piece on that one…

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