Understanding New Facebook With Timeline

So now it is been few hours (I originally wrote this post within three hours) when I watched live streaming of Facebook’s f8 conference. One of the major reasons to follow this event was, that leaving user growth behind, how Facebook is going to empower emotional connections and engagement.

And thankfully Mark Zuckerburg did not disappoint, I loved many of the new features (not sure about moving Trickr yet). But like many others what caught my eyes is Timeline.

In familiar words it is your multimedia (including updates, links, activity, photos and videos) supported Facebook Profile along with a Timeline.

As it says, it helps tell your story with a new kind of profile. So far only developers are invited to have and view others’ Timeline, but with this smart trickyou can get an early access now.Let’s dig deeper, why I believe one can get a job, build more influence and even get married with a right person using this Timeline feature?

Timeline is highly advanced form of your profile which preserve your memories and let you tell your stories in a visually-rich and carefully designed magazine form.

You can not only present your basic information in a fashionable way. But using text, photos, and apps you can also build a showcase of other important life events, like when you bought a new house, had surgery or got a license.

Also you can share important events of your career and control who see and comments on them. This is now the future of sharing.

You can also keep track of pages and friends which connected to you in a certain month.

More, while scrolling through the timeline you can add more event any time or hide an exciting one from the timeline.

Text and photos just tell a part of your story, what is left can be added by ‘Your Apps.’ Through smart social apps you can control what you are reading, listening to, or watching.

Facebook apps will add this rich media into your timeline, while you control the sharing settings. These powerful and certainly does add the left emotional part to your timeline.

For example spotify apps brings free music to Facebook, and let you share the music (not link) with your friends. Here is an introductory video from Spotify.

You can see showcase of companies, which are first to join to the Open Graph of Facebook to help you share what you read, listen or watch with your network as well as at your Timeline.Ah..

Earlier today, I was talking to my mom. I told her, I’m not just interested in what Facebook is going to announce. They don’t just build new feature for future, but they go there (in future) and find out what is the future of their technology. Then they build it.

So this has clearly confirmed my thoughts. Future of social media is not just about sharing links and feeding the wall with news and videos. It is about sharing the experience, telling the stories and feeling the emotions.Everyone of us has a story to share, and people love stories. In coming days common user of Facebook will not only be a content producer but a highly empowered story-teller and content curator.

Find more and sign up for Facebook Timeline here. If you have it already or not, tell me what you think of this massive move by Facebook. Are you excited to share your story via new Timeline?


  1. Not tried facebook timeline yet. But the pics are attracting me to try that. You’ve an awesome wall now! 🙂

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