We Love Stories. Do You Have One?

Great people like Nelson Mendela, Gandhi or Martin Luther King. They all shared a common thing, the story. They story of the challenges they faced, of the bold steps they took, of believing in themselves.

Every successful person or business is based on the stories and their fans remember them by investigating and talking more and more about their stories. This is way Apple, Facebook or IKEA has many fans, and those fans are continuously sharing the story of their beginning and all up and downs.

You see not every person or business has a story. This is because only bold steps make a great story a story worth sharing and remembering. Even if someone wants to give a great TED Talk, he shares his story.

Watch this talk by Neil Pasricha, where he shares his story and how he started one of Web’s most respected blogs 1000AwesomeThings.com

Now you got it clearly, right? You can not play your full shot unless you create a story. And as we saw earlier in the video, story means taking bold steps and do something wonderful. Which at first might seem very small.

Have you started working on building your story? You must! Please share your story with us, please. If you feel you haven’t one yet, just share what you’re up to, no matter how little it is, this might be start of another great story. Wish you all the best for your story my dear friend. See you in comments.


  1. Got to make one!

    1. Waqas says:

      Ya Ya 😀

  2. Buttons says:

    We all have a story, thing is, should it be shared? Most of mine are pretty dark, I’m just beginning to be able to write about them… some I’ve never spoken about to a soul. They’re not well written, still working on finishing a couple, but it’s like a cartharsis for me.

    The 1000Awesome Things is, well, AWESOME 🙂
    I don’t think he has ‘food orgasms in the tummy’ on his list or he would have listed it on this post:
    http://1000awesomethings.com/2011/07/20/197-chugging-cold-milk-after-chocolate-cake/ so I posted it on their FB website LOL! Definitely bookmarking their site!

    Great job Waqas; you’re my inspiration to be AWESOME as well 🙂

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