What Not To Do in 2012

2011 is to over.

Exactly a year back when I was finishing 2010, I had many goals, and challenges set for me. One of them was ‘writing daily‘ which I couldn’t fulfill. I have published 117 posts on this blog, including this one.

To tell you the inside story, I couldn’t do most of what I planned.

I had a to-do list for 2011, which is ending with less accomplishments but thankfully more learning than ever. My purpose was to do few things regularly which would make me a better person for 2011. Gladly, I’m a better person today than what I was a year back.

This time, things are changed. Instead of thinking for what to do in 2012, I have been thinking what not to do.

I want to make it clear to myself, to stop doing few things. Which haven’t been very helping to me. The idea of Not To-Do List was introduced to my by my friend Ivana Sendecka, you can read her post about here.

This is what I’m not doing in 2012. I shall try my best to stand with them all.

I’ll not

  • speak (and write) unless I have something truly important to state
  • be fooled again by so-called experts
  • hesitate to tell the gurus/experts that they are scammers and talkers
  • join any majority
  • take junk food more than 5 times a month
  • make promise, unless I have strong will, time and energy to deliver it
  • have too many minds
  • say ‘I don’t have money’
  • wait it to be prepared enough to ship
  • put people in my wait
  • work for free
  • let the stress take over me

Instead of adding many new actions, focus on changing some currents can help me get better for 2012. This is the idea.

Starting this blog on Jan 01, 2011 was one of the best actions I took this year. Thank you so much of you for knowing and reading me.

I am very much ready to be a improved person and better writer. This blog should result into something big, I think. What you say?

Friends, also tell me what is at your end? What is your Not-To-Do in 2012? I believe you should have one too. Let’s communicate more this year, I would love your comments.

Happy New Year!!! Health, Peace and Money.

Your committed,


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  1. atbilal says:

    this blog is gonna help me alot in this year:)

  2. Let’s see ,,, Hmmmm personnaly I have to creat a very LONG list !! … maybe these 3 acts will be on the TOP of what i shouldn’t do 😀 !!
    – wastin’ time
    – saying noo to things which i really want 🙂
    – give up in the middle of the journey

    Thx for shariing this 😉 !! Keep it up 🙂

  3. Hareem says:

    I didn’t know what to comment since your theory is just the opposite of mine. All rest is fine though, but I disagree with point 3. Don’t stop doing that. ^.^

  4. cathrine2012 says:

    I enjoyed your post!
    For myself I actually have a very long to-do list this year in order NOT to do your #11.
    Happy New Year! I wish you the best.

  5. prairiegirl1 says:

    This was a super post, I really enjoyed it. Keep on with the good writing

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