Whole World Is Our Community

When I’m writing this line, I’m talking to a friend via Facebook chat in India. He is a big motivator and inspiration to me. Before 2009 I hardly knew anyone personally outside my friends and local community. But internet and social media sites has helped me to connect with like minded people like you. The best thing about you people is that we can interact genuinely and make some big or small difference to ours lives.

I personally believe Whole World Is Our Community and social media is helping us to be social. What is the size of your community, are you building one? If yes, how social media is helping you to be social? Please share.

PS. I’ll be sharing my best life changaing online connection in this week, so stay tuned friends.

PSS. The reason of my absence was that I’m sick and suffering with flu, which is keeping me silent. But I’ll recover soon. Love You All, yes you’re all a BIG part of my community. And if you’ve not yet, tell us About You. Thank you! 😉


  1. dePressed says:

    Hope you feel better soon – that flu can be a real drag!

    1. Waqas says:

      Yes I’m recovering 🙂 Hope you’re doing fine, Lisa!

  2. Daniel Evans says:

    Glad you are well again!

    It’s wonderful that the whole world is now within reach for many of us to connect who were not able to do so before!

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