Why It is Important to Ship Everyday.

Writing a unique blog post, innovating a product or solving an old problem in a new way is truly awesome, what if we do it everyday. Simply, it’ll convert you into a rock star, a person who is indispensable for change and progress. Well this all sounds really cool.. but…

Yes the problem starts when we add but, when you really want to follow your heart but think that it is not the proper time to do it or you missed it once and can not get again too.

Same feelings I had in 2010 about many things, many of my plans were actually failed because I did never start them. So now it is the time to not repeat the same mistake, first is to start writing genuine post every day, in fact sometime more than once like today.

You and I have been doing same things for let us say three years. Why? Because we had never had another idea we were too afraid to get out of our comfortzone, ideas were all around there.

Many people like I was, love to stay in comfort and thinking to be great, just thinking wouldn’t help you, it did not in past three years. How could it do? We need to take action, now! Remember, discomfort is the path to greatness.

Shipping your art daily would be very discomfort too at first, but it is worth doing. In fact it leads to success of your company and career or what ever. Go and enjoy the challenge of shipping your art (whatever it is) every day, share with me too.

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