Your Mother is Teacher, Not Mine (True Story)

2003, I was invited to the home of my class fellow. I went to help him with exams, and during at his home.

To tell you the truth, people in my part of the world. Keep women covered and let them meet only with close relatives.

I somehow saw his mother. I excitingly asked him, “If your mother is teacher too.” (I was excited because my mother is a teacher and I’m very proud of her.)

He replied, “No, not at all. We do not let women do such (shameful) jobs.

28 years ago, when my mother was applying for her teaching job. Her younger brother complained to their mother, “So now Razia is going to be a teacher. People would say, look his sister is a teacher.”

Job of mother changed everything for our entire family. Also know, if she would not be teacher, I would be working at a factory or workshop without any formal education etc.

But instead, she changed my life. It changed everything.

Someone said it very truly:

If you educate a man you educate an individual, but if you educate a woman you educate a family (nation).

I promise to educate a nation (even if it would be small, it’s ok).

All this might come to you as surprise. But this is the real story of a real women.

Would you keep doing the good work, despite what other people say?

It is also true:

People don’t say very much, but we intentionally hear a lot about our fears.

Would you still be teacher no matter how many people discourage you? Would you still be changing lives? If you are afraid of doing something, please write your fears. Then see what happens.

My mom and my brother, at an event I organized. She doesn't understand English as much, but she came to encouraged me. Isn't she amazing person?

She is truly the first one in our family to cross the river. Now gladly, I’m crossing many too.

Rest is said in this video, It Only Takes A Girl, watch it.

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  1. Buttons says:

    Yes, I still taught despite the discouragement, and even outright anger from people. I even lost my best friend of 15yrs over it; she called me horroble names and we’ve never spoken since. Though in hindsight I guess she wasn’t ever a true friend.

    In life we always face discouragement for some decisions or opinions or actions, but have to stick with it if you know it is the right thing, no matter what or whom you lose in the process. Not saying it’s easy, it’s Hard test sometimes, but you have to stick with what you know is right.

  2. Lovely story and very positive and encouraging 🙂

  3. stillwater92 says:

    Hi! Nice blog 🙂
    Inspiring story and I like the quote
    “If you educate a man you educate an individual, but if you educate a woman you educate a family (nation).” So true!!

  4. Shaikh Saif says:

    This blog is very much uplifting for all the women. Nice post

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